Friday, June 12, 2009


Analog to digital. Have you heard? If not you've probably been on Mars for the past year and a half. Today was the big day when TV finally went from analog to digital. We have cable, so the transition was unnoticeable to us. However, if a hurricane comes through this year we'll certainly notice. Our little battery operated TV will now be useless. I wonder if anyone even gave that a thought?

I still yearn for the old days when there were only a few channels and most of the day the test pattern appeared on the TV screen. This picture is from 1951 and that's our first TV in the background.

My sister and I used to enjoy watching Winky Dink. They say that's the first real "video game," but would be considered very primitive by today's standards. I still remember the green clear plastic that stuck to the TV screen. We would help Winky Dink by drawing on the TV with crayons. My sister was two years older than me, so she got to do most of the drawing. Anyone with an older sister can probably relate.

We have five TV's in this 2,000 square foot home. We all watch TV in separate rooms. I remember in the 1970's when my husband and I used to get the kids to bed by prime time and watch TV in the evening together. Those days are gone forever.

When we lived overseas with the Navy we only used our little black and white TV once. That was on July 20, 1969. We dragged the TV out, turned down the volume, and listened on Armed Forces radio while man walked on the moon.

Personally, I miss the old days. When we didn't have TV overseas we spent more time with neighbors and friends. We used to visit and play games. When we didn't have all these darn channels in the 1970's my husband and I used to enjoy the same shows. We spent more time together. Now we're always interrupting each other's TV show to have a simple conversation. And I'm afraid the Internet is making everyone even more isolated. Yes, we have Internet friends, but nothing can replace face to face friendships.
This is all progress...right?

Saturday, June 06, 2009


You'll find today's Pink Saturday post below. I'm just hoping someone can give me a hand today. I notice that some people seem to read just about every Pink Saturday post and I'm hoping someone has a tip on how they travel from blog to blog quickly.

This morning I tried going to Beverly's blog and clicking on one of the links. Then after posting my comment I tried backing up into Beverly's blog again, but I kept getting a message that prevented me from returning to her blog. In past weeks I've copied and pasted all of the blog links into a Word Document and then started working off the list. That takes time since Internet Explorer has to come up each time.

I can't help but think that there must be a better way to do it. Something probably so simple that I'm missing it. How do you go about reading all the Pink Saturday posts? Any advice or tips for me today? Thanks.


I'm back from the Fire Flies Doll Convention in Orlando and ready for another Pink Saturday. I'm playing catch up and hope to have time to visit some of your blogs this weekend. I've missed you!

While in Orlando I tried to find some pink for you. The city buses are very colorful and I managed to find a couple of pink ones.

And I saw some pretty planters outside a restaurant at Downtown Disney. There's a little pink in there.

And I found this chair outside Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Restaurant at Universal City Walk.

And bare with me here...I know there isn't any pink in this picture. The reason we went out to Universal City Walk was to see Jimmy Buffet's HU-16 aircraft. I've been wanting to get there for a few years. Why? When my husband was in the Navy we lived in Sicily and the Navy used an HU-16 aircraft for their Medivac flights.

I flew on a plane like this a number of times and loved it. Then many years later I developed a fear of flying and avoided flying for a long time. I kept thinking back to those Navy days and the little plane that I was never afraid to fly on. Just goes to show you that there's no rhyme or reason to phobias. I'm long over my fear of flying, but wanted to see an HU-16 again. YIKES...I had forgotten how small it was! This is a plane that can even land on water. I'd love to be able to fly on one again. And for fear of flying help I recommend SOAR. He understands the psychology behind fear of flying better than anyone else.

Now back to more pink. While at the Fire Flies Convention I managed to snap pictures of some Vogue Ginny Dolls with pink flowers during one of the programs.

Well, that's it for this week's Pink Saturday. I'm sure I could have found more pink in Orlando, but usually I was too busy having fun to think about taking pictures!

For information on Pink Saturday and a list of this week's participants be sure and visit Beverly's blog by clicking on the Pink Saturday logo on my sidebar. Thank you Beverly for organizing this weekly event for us.