Friday, May 26, 2017


Oh dear, I told myself I'd try and post at least once a month.  Time just slips away.  I also spend way less time online these days.  Some days I barely have enough time to quickly take a glimpse at E-mails.  If I skip a couple of days my box is full and it takes forever to weed through it all.  I've tried to unsubscribe to a bunch of things, but still can't resist getting updates on eBay auctions.

I joined a local genealogy group this past year.  I was hoping it would inspire me to work on that more, but it hasn't.  However, I've done a little research and learned some interesting things about family members.  (You would think that would motivate me!)   I have one female relative that graduated from NYU Law School in 1925.  At that time none of the all male law firms in New York City would hire women as lawyers.  Women weren't considered smart enough.  In fact, they weren't even allowed to take the bar exam until after women were given the right to vote in 1920.  I can't help but wonder what motivated her to even try this career path.  I also discovered that my mother-in-law was a key witness against the New York City gangster Dutch Schultz in 1935.  I found lots of old newspaper articles.  I do enjoy learning more about family members than just their date of birth and date of death.  I like to learn their story too.

I've worked on a few projects lately.  Our oldest son will be 48 on May 31st.  I've had his Wonder Horse out in the garage for many, many years.  I finally decided to restore it.  I sanded and spray painted the base and then did some touch ups on the horse's body.  I plan to use it with my Patti Playpal size dolls in the doll room.  Now I need a Western outfit and a cowgirl hat.
I'm the Queen of unfinished projects.  I can now scratch this one off my list.

Of course, I always enjoy "playing" with my Vogue dolls.  I recently subscribed to a Papermini's Eloise Wilkins book club monthly kit in 1:6 scale for Ginny.  I put together the first book and had Ginny pose.  She fell asleep while reading.  Can you tell?
My doll friend Sharon made that adorable Sunbonnet Sue quilt for Ginny's bed.  I love it!

I almost forgot.  I've been looking for a Renwal Super Big stove for my Ginny's kitchen.  A while back I found the refrigerator and sink at an antique mall.  I finally found the stove on Etsy for $32 plus $4 shipping.  I was thrilled.  That was just about my limit as far as how much I was willing to spend.  Recently one sold on eBay for over $100 when a couple of people started bidding against each other.  I thought it was crazy.  Even $32 is a bit much for a piece of plastic.  I love my new doll kitchen.  I raised the appliances with a black baseboard so they'd be a little higher.

The kitchen reminds me of my mother's kitchen in the house my parents built in 1947.

Until the next time...