Thursday, January 29, 2015


I haven't had much computer time lately.  I've been working on getting all the Christmas stuff packed, organized, and put away. 

I had rented a storage place over by the old house but the price kept going up.  The place changed owners three times while we were there and the last time it appeared to me to be going downhill a little.  I noticed trash in the parking lot and the rat traps were gone.  It made me wonder if they still had an exterminator treating the place.  After I brought the Christmas stuff over to this house I decided to go back and get everything out and try to rent a place over here.

The new place is about four blocks from the house and our unit is half the size of the old one.  A lot more convenient and a lot less expensive.  I'm going to store the things that won't be damaged by the heat and humidity up in the attic.  I have everything else over at the storage place now except for the tree.  I need to find a box.  I had one of those large canvas bags they sell for trees, but the first time I picked it up the bag ripped.

I'm so envious of all of you that have basements.  I'm afraid we're too close to sea level.  There are no basements here! 

Today is a beautiful day outside.  If it gets any warmer I can start complaining about the heat again.  :)  It won't last.  It is the end of January and we'll still have some cold days in February.  (Cold to us anyway.)  I spent some time cleaning the outdoor furniture.  It was pretty yucky looking and there's no way anyone would have sat in one of those chairs.  A little bleach and some scrubbing had them looking inviting again.

I haven't had time for Alphabe-Thursday and I've been a little brain dead when it comes to ideas.  I hope to be back there soon.

I entered a Gingerbread House contest sponsored by Ann at  Ann sells 1:12, 1:6, and 1:3 scale paper minis for dollhouses and dolls.   I won second place and my Ginny dolls were thrilled.  You can see in this picture how they helped.
I've made quite a few of Ann's paperminis.  Over the holidays I finally finished putting together Barbie's Dream House for my dolls.  (  I hope to set up a scene soon with the Ginny dolls playing with their Barbie dolls.

I was in the resale store and saw a dollhouse kit.  Someone had started putting it together and I couldn't resist.  For $25 it came home with me.  It's a Beach Bungalow.  Of course, I still haven't finished the dollhouse I started in 1981, but I plan to work on that one in 2015 and get it finished.  Reid's cat climbed on the roof and broke some of the gingerbread trim so I think I'll start with repairs there first.

I also recently took a class to learn some painting techniques with Cee Cee Caldwell's chalk paint.  Yes, I know there are a zillion You Tube videos, but I prefer the personal touch.  I hope to start painting some furniture soon before it gets too hot in the garage.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

"H" as in HOUSTON TEXANS for Alphabe-Thursday

It's time again for Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."

This week we are studying the letter "H" as in the HOUSTON TEXANS.
I think I've lived in Texas way too long.  I actually love football now.

It's a great diversion for me.  When the HOUSTON TEXANS play my mind zeros right in on the game.  All of my worries are shoved to the side.  For three hours I concentrate on football.

Football has helped keep me sane the last five years or so.

Sadly, this season is over for the HOUSTON TEXANS.  I'll still watch the playoffs and the Super Bowl, but not with as much intensity.

I'll still grab the sports section of the newspaper to see if there's anything about the TEXANS being reported.  I'll still tune into Sports Radio 610 occasionally to hear what they're saying.  I'll look forward to the draft.  Before you know it football will be back.

I've even found a way to combine my love of football with my love of dolls.  I know it's a rather strange combination.

Please excuse my absence last week.  Real life got in the way.

Now head over to Ms. Jenny's blog for a list of this week's participants.  Thanks for visiting.