Thursday, September 07, 2017

"I" as in Hurricane Irma for ABC Wednesday

This is working out for me.  Lately the hurricanes are alphabetically keeping up with ABC Wednesday.  Unfortunately, this week Hurricane Irma is making "its" way through the Caribbean towards the United States and Florida.  As I type this post Irma is "pummeling" Turks and Caicos with category 5 winds.  That is an extremely strong hurricane.  I believe they said the strongest Atlantic hurricane ever.  So far at least 13 people have been killed.  I hate it when they say "so far" because that means they know there will be more.

 I am becoming a little paranoid about hurricanes this hurricane season.  They scare me.  I find myself watching the Weather Channel on TV for hours on end.  My favorite app on my cell phone right now is a hurricane app.  Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th.  There is still a long ways to go.  I feel like I have to be on guard all the time because of where I live.  I've been in Texas for most of the last 36 years, but there have only been three hurricanes that impacted this area.  However, the Gulf Of Mexico is becoming warmer and they tell us the storms will become stronger as they head this way.

I've learned a few things in the last two weeks.  Since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas with massive flooding I will no longer complain about living in a two story house.  I really thought I made a mistake buying this house, but I've now decided that a two story home is the way to go in the Houston area.  When there's flooding most people with two story homes can safely go upstairs.  With a one story home  you don't have that option.

I've also learned how poor I am in geography.  I have to admit that I don't know as much as I should about the Caribbean.  Turks and Caicos?   I's a British overseas territory made up of 40 coral islands.  I'm learning.  I can't even begin to imagine what the wind and storm surge will do to those islands.

I've learned that there are some really dedicated meteorologists.  I don't always understand all the scientific stuff, but I do understand the warnings.

By the way, I referred to Hurricane Irma as an "it" because I heard a meteorologist say that they don't consider them male or female.  I was trying to be politically correct.   At one time all hurricanes had women's names, but they stopped that some years back.

This week my thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by Hurricane Irma.

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  1. I have no experience with them either but still they seem very frightening.
    Like yours, my prayers and thoughts are also with them .

    Have a splendid ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫

  2. First time I've ever heard of Turks and Caicos. But then other than knowing the names of a few of the major islands I know nothing about the area. When I see pictures of the area I think how nice it would be to go swimming.

    I've yet to experience a hurricane. Knock on wood I don't ever. The worst natural disaster I've been in was the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake in San Francisco. The earthquake caused our apartment building to shake so I thought someone exploded a bomb. I remember getting mad thinking why someone would do that.

    I'm curious to what the causes are for Harvey and Irma to be so huge and heavy. And, I wonder if there may be a connection to our way out of line temperatures.

    Thank goodness for second floors.

  3. You know a big earthquake has hit too. I am to the point it is so overwhelming. I am glad your house was alright - I pray for Texas. Now Irma is coming our way - it should not be to bad where we are but bad for the others south of here. God bless. sandie

  4. Compared to the rest of the world right now, we shouldn't be complaining about the forest fire smoke drifting into our area! I do hope everyone in Florida will be okay and that those impacted by Harvey will be compensated for their losses. It's an incredibly weird situation now weather-wise!

    abcw team

  5. Fires, hurricanes and an earthquake. Feels a little scary


  6. Always a concern ~ Mother Nature sometimes is not nice ~ Timely post ~ ^_^

    (A Shutterbug Explores)

  7. It has very devastating impact on the islands that are in its way.

  8. I think that must be horrible to live such a strong hurricane ! We once had wind of 200 km/h (124 miles/h) and that was already very strong and damaged a lot of houses, but that's nothing compared to Irma !


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