Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions more excuses. I'm going to try and get organized this year. That's my only resolution. If I get organized everything else will fall into place.

I'd like to work on having a cute little blog where my creativity inspires others, but that's never going to happen. Instead, this is going to be my therapy. My Dad's Alzheimer's is getting worse and many days I find myself down in the dumps. It's hard to watch and I need to get my mind focused on other things. I'm hoping writing here will become my escape.

Troy gave me a slide scanner for my birthday (I'm 63 now!) and I've scanned five slides so far. I have about a thousand more to go! We started taking slides shortly after we were married in 1968 and took them for a number of years. If I just get a few scanned each day...

In December of 1968 the Navy sent the young Ensign and his wife to the US Naval Air Facility at Sigonella, Catania, Sicily. We arrived a couple of weeks before Christmas and lived in the Agip Hotel until our household goods arrived. Here's one of those scanned slides. It's me forty years ago on Christmas Eve 1968. I had fallen asleep and my husband snapped this picture.

I wish I could put up a picture of Christmas this year, but I never took any. Keith came from Austin, we had my Dad here, and I never took a single picture! Could someone remind me to take pictures next year?

Oh yes, I did take some pictures of my dolls. Setting dolls up in scenes is another form of therapy for me. Here are the "kids" having their birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve.