Monday, December 24, 2012

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Yesterday was not a good day for Reid.  He was miserable all day with the expected side effects.  It was the first day he didn't get out of bed and walk.  They like them to walk around the unit three times a day, but he was just too sick to leave the room.  The stem cell doctor had told him that he'd be sick around a week after entering the hospital and he certainly knew what he was talking about.

This morning didn't seem to start out any better.  In fact, when we arrived he was on oxygen, but they said his vitals were fine.  He was put on oxygen because when he would take a deep breath he would cough and then get sick.  The oxygen and a breathing treatment really helped.  He was also given a platelet transfusion and by late this afternoon he had really perked up.  In fact, he and Keith sat and played a game for a while which was really good because Reid needed to get out of bed and sit up for his lungs.  He also took a short walk around the unit.  The doctor said he needed to walk and sit so his lungs would expand.  It was good to see him finally feeling a little bit better.

Tomorrow they're having a pole parade.  They asked people to decorate their IV poles for Christmas and parade around the unit at 1:00, but Reid has decided to pass on that one.  (That's definitely not his idea of fun.)  We've decided we'll celebrate Christmas after he's discharged and feeling a little better.  Keith and I will go downstairs for the Christmas dinner they have for patients (who are able to attend) and caregivers.  Reid won't be able to go, but he really hasn't been eating much the last few days anyway.  The fatigue is really bad and he sleeps a lot.  He also complains about them waking him up all the time.  If they aren't taking vitals his IV pole is beeping.  Although he understands the necessity of it all...he'd sure love some uninterrupted sleep.

I did decorate Reid's room for Christmas, but forgot to take pictures.  It's mostly decorated in Dollar Tree  merchandise, but staff members that come into the room often comment.  I also added some lights and the little Christmas tree my sister sent.

The staff on Reid's floor won the Christmas tree contest.  I thought it was really cute and original.  It's a regular tree covered with net type material that's all bunched up.  It looks like Santa and must have taken a long time to do.

And every year we look for the gingerbread village.  I believe it's the Houston Racquet Club that donates it to the hospital and it's set up in the lobby.
My photos don't do it justice.  It's really huge and I've only taken pictures of a small portion of it.  It's hard to take pictures because there are usually people standing around looking at it.

I apologize for not answering E-mails or returning phone calls.  I haven't even been taking my Netbook to the hospital because of the difficulty connecting to their Wi-Fi.  With Keith here this week we're staying later at the hospital and there always seems to be so much too do when we get home.  We walk in the door to a chorus of meows from hungry cats and a dog that needs to get right out.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


  1. I wish you wouldn't worry about us.

    I am thrilled to hear from you in this way.

    I am glad that Reid felt a little better today. What a rough thing on the system. I can't even imagine.

    And his brother being there - wonderful.

    You have a nice dinner with him tomorrow.

    I think you all deserve a medal for courage,

    Good bless and merry Christmas,

  2. This must be so hard for all of you, especially Reid. I hope he continues to improve and I'm keep you all in my prayers.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I do hope that Reid is doing better today. The tree is very creative! I've seen people make them look like a snowman but not a Santa. I don't think I would want to participate in the pole decorating contest either. It is a nice idea though but not when you aren't feeling well at all. I know this isn't going to be your best Christmas but I do hope that you find some joy and peace in it.

    Merry Christmas!

    Oh, I sent you a card. I didn't write on it who I was so you might not realize it was me! I didn't think about it until just now.

  4. You're so busy, Betty, thank goodness for Keith and Troy. Poor Reid, I just feel heartsick for him suffering like that.

  5. Well, I am glad you find a small amount of time to keep us updated. I know that you must be feeling like a rubber band by now. All stretch out and most likely ready to snap. Hang in there and thank goodness the other boys can help out too. Love you all. The ginger village is great. I am not sure about the Santa tree. Maybe in person it would not scare me so!

  6. You have such a nice talent for telling your story here. I am very honored that I know you! I pray for you and your family and adore knowing you!


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