Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day "0"

Yesterday was Day "0" and Reid received Keith's stem cells.

They were brought from the stem cell lab frozen.
Then they were thawed.
Keith's stem cells were divided between three bags.  A bag was hung and when that one was completed the lady thawed the next bag, etc.
Reid wasn't feeling well and it bothered him to see the infusion, so the nurse slipped the IV pole behind the curtain.  The entire process took less than an hour.

Reid is very fatigued now.  He's already fatigued from the chemo and then they had to give him Benadryl and some other drugs before the infusion.  Hopefully today he'll be doing better.

Troy went down this morning to give me some time at home to get a few things done.  I've got to get busy so I can get down there before noon.  Thanks again...


  1. Oh my goodness - day one. That sounds so scary. I hope and pray everything will go well and it will all work according to the plans. Nice Troy is helping you around the house. And Keith and Reid. You have great boys. God be will you all!

  2. Praying he will get his strength back and feel better soon!


  3. I guess we should be glad this stuff is available but even though I've seen similar, Reid's infusion set up makes me sick, too.

  4. Fingers crossed he feels better soon!

  5. As I'm looking at the 'pink' in the bag and thinking there are three bags. I wouldn't have thought there would be that many stem cells etc....

    I'm praying Reid's strength will return soon.

    You have three great boys/men! I pray that healing will take place and each of you can go on with your lives without health issues.
    Love, prayers and hugs!!

  6. I hope Reid feels better soon! That would be the best Christmas present you could get.
    Thinking of you!

  7. Yes, please pass on my good wishes to Reid and I hope you manage to get some rest this Xmas. Lovve from Sicily. x

  8. Betty take care. What a journey you have all been on! Hugs Anne


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