Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why I'm slowly hating Pinterest...

Up until a few days ago I was for the most part enjoying Pinterest.  It was a great way to keep track of doll and doll things I enjoyed on the Internet.  Suddenly, everything changed.

My feed now contains things I find objectionable.  I think it might be because I've followed Pinners for their doll boards, but I didn't check out their other boards.  Now that stuff is popping up in my feed.  I've gone back and unfollowed most of the people that have other boards besides doll boards.  I'm hoping this will take care of it for me.

If anyone knows anything else I can do please let me know.

If things don't change I'm going to delete my Pinterest account.  I'm kind of disgusted with the whole thing.


  1. Hi sweet lady. Thank you for the cards! They always brighten my day. I'm not doing facebook or pinterest or tweeting. It sounds obnoxious, though! I hope you can get things fixed!

  2. I have never ran into that problem - I wonder what triggered that.

  3. I've never used it but this does seem a pity.


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