Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jill and Ginny's new clothes...

 Time for a doll post.

I decided to dress my vintage reproduction Vogue Jill and Ginny in these nautical outfits from 1959.
I had Jill's outfit for a while, but it was missing the anchor on the bodice.  I finally got around to cutting one out of some white felt.  Ginny's dress was a recent eBay purchase.  Both needed ironing and that's basically all that I had to do.  They were in pretty good condition for their age.

I've lived in this house for over a year and I still don't have my doll collection organized.  I've just go too much stuff!  I need to sort through it all and decide what to keep and what has to go.  I'm thinking about only keeping the dolls, clothes, and furniture that are in really good condition.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.


  1. Just love those Ginny dolls ~ great pics and fond memories of playing Ginny dolls ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  2. They look so cute in their nautical outfits!

  3. Well, when you go through the clothes, I hope you keep those two because they are so CUTE!

  4. I would say enjoy enjoy enjoy. They are very pretty little girls.

  5. thank you for commenting onmy blog- I adore your pics ! I had been contemplating pulling out my 8 inch madam alexander Wendy's from when I was a little girl. I mainly do the fashion dolls now, I did not know anyone still did Ginnys and Wendys. I love your blog and your dolls are adorable!


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