Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No new news...

I was hoping I'd have something new to report on Reid, but I don't.

We went down to MD Anderson yesterday and saw his regular oncologist. They still didn't know whether or not Reid had been on the placebo or the actual drug in the clinical trial. His oncologist thinks he probably was not on the real drug since he had no side effects, but we still have to wait for the actual reveal before he proceeds with any treatment. So, he'll be going back down next week and hopefully we'll know something for sure by then. The doctor did say that if he hadn't been on the Adcetris they would probably start the infusion then.

Meanwhile, we're trying not to get our hopes up too much so we won't be too disappointed if he needs to have another stem cell transplant.

Keith and Troy have both had blood drawn to see if they could be potential stem cell donors. Yesterday, Reid had quite a bit of blood drawn and we're assuming that's to get his blood typed (or whatever it's called) too.

So, we really don't know anymore than we did two weeks ago.

I'm grateful that Jim didn't know any of this and was able to assume Reid was OK before he died. He was always very optimistic and although he knew Reid was scheduled for a biopsy he always assumed the best.

I also feel very positive right now. I think Reid is going to be OK. Thank you for your prayers!!

Meanwhile, I wanted to share this site with you again. I know I've posted it in the past, but it's time for an update. I've been following this live cam of Peregrine Falcons that nest on top of an office building in Jersey City, NJ for a number of years. This year three eggs have hatched. Be sure and read the Nest Box News for updates.

I told the kids to watch for the Falcons when we flew in and out of Newark Airport last week. We didn't see them, but I knew they were there.


  1. That seems strange that they can't tell you right away if Reid was on the placebo or the real drug. Hope they give up and let you know pretty soon. All the best to you and Reid and Troy and Keith.

  2. I'm sending positive thoughts and energy and most of all daily prayers for Reid's perfect healing. I hope you hear something soon..... waiting is awful.

  3. OK - I agree it seems like an easy thing in this day and age to find out either yes or no - but then God has his reasons.

    I am going to assume no and want to get Reid on it ASAP! Do you know if it is a good medicine with good results?

    And I'm glad that you and Reid both feel so good about it. I think that helps a whole lot too.

    Love yah Betty - hugs and prayers. sandie


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