Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Another Update...

I want to thank everyone for their warm thoughts and prayers.  I just don't have time right now to reply to everyone personally, but hope to catch up eventually.  Reid and I spent a good chunk of time yesterday coordinating flight plans, booking flights, reserving a car, and finding a hotel in New Jersey.  I've also made arrangements for someone to stay at the house while we're gone.

The funeral on Saturday went well and we all came away from the experience feeling good knowing how well loved and respected Jim was among friends and colleagues.  It really helped us immensely.

Reid had his core needle biopsy on Friday and had an appointment scheduled to see his doctor yesterday, but they called and said the results weren't back yet.  He's been rescheduled to see his doctor tomorrow instead.  We've had any potential surgery postponed for now.

Most of our early pictures are slides, but Troy scanned a few for the funeral.  I thought I'd share some here.  We've had a lot of fun going through the old pictures.

This is Jim picking lemons in Sicily circa 1970.  He looks like a kid!
This one was taken when we visited Capri.
This photo was taken shortly after I came back from Naples after giving birth to Troy.
We've always had so many fond memories of our Navy days in Sicily.  It was a great time in our lives. and something we spoke of often.

This photo was taken in 1976 in Virginia Beach, VA.  By then Reid had joined the family.

I'll be out of contact for a while.  There's just so much to do right now.  Jim was an accountant and he always paid the bills.  I'm wading through everything and trying to pay what's due now.  The first bill I ever paid was the funeral bill, but I think things will work out OK.  It will just take time.  Eventually, I'll be back.  Thanks again...


  1. I'll miss your absence my friend. I'll think of you as you navigate the next few months and days.

  2. You have a lot on your plate my friend. I wish you'd let us know about Reid. I was just going to write today and ask - but it is postponed until tomorrow. I pray for you and the kids traveling and for the final funeral - it'll be hard.
    Jim was such a nice looking man and it looked like you had a great life there together.
    I knew everyone at work liked him.
    Love, sandie

  3. Oh Betty, I hope knowing that prayers surround you all are of some comfort.

    Praying for peace and comfort for each of you!

  4. I pray that Reid gets good news tomorrow Betty. I also pray for safe traveling for you and your family to New Jersey. Jim was a very handsome man throughout his life.

    Love, hugs & prayers,

  5. Betty.... thanks so much for the update.
    The pictures are so wonderful..... what a blessing to look back on those wonderful memories....
    Please know that I'm thinking of you and keeping you and your family in my prayers!

  6. I am full of tears because I am just catching up on your blog and was so struck by Jim's passing! My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. I will be praying for you all and especially for your son. Since losing my hubby in January, I have not been visiting blogs like I used to. I still feel so lost without my sweet other half and now you are going through this terrible pain. Much love and many prayers are sent to you. ♥ and blessings, Kerrie


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