Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another update...

I feel like I've made some progress.

Since last posting we've made a quick trip to New Jersey for Jim's burial. It was a very nice graveside service with military honors. We saw many relatives and friends and got to visit and share memories. We flew up last Friday and back on Sunday. Needless to say, we were a little exhausted afterwards.

I've spent the last week trying to get a lot of paperwork done. I've also spent a considerable amount of time on the telephone. There's just a lot to do. I'm trying to wade my way through Medicare since I'll be coming off Jim's work policy shortly. Lots to read and try to understand. That kind of thing was always Jim's department.

Reid and I were mistaken about his doctor's appointment. We thought he had an appointment this past Wednesday, but discovered our mistake Tuesday evening. His appointment is this coming Tuesday. Oh dear...I mistakenly made an appointment at the bank on Tuesday and now must change that one. How did we get so mixed up?

I've started writing thank you notes in between everything else. I just hope I'm able to adequately express my heartfelt appreciation to everyone.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


  1. It's not surprising you got muddled re the appointment given all that you are coping with. You are doing amazingly well. Always thinking of you here in Sicily. x

  2. Happy Mother's Day! I know it will be a hard one. I am glad you are getting some things done. sandie

  3. thinking of you every day, Betty. Happy Mother's Day tomorrow.

  4. Oh Betty, it is good to read from you here. I was wondering if you had made it there and back safely, and I am glad you are making progess. I do not know anything about Medicare, but you can do cobra for a while until you get that straightened out, right? I think about you and the boys every day. I know you have plenty to keep you busy, but if you want to have a lunch or something let me know and I will come take you out for a break. (((<3)))

  5. Oh Betty, my prayers for you all continue. I am sending you warm wishes for Mother's Day and for peace and comfort.

    Your platter runneth over and I'm so very sorry.

  6. You are still in my prayers Betty. I read this the day you wrote it but was on the phone and didn't make a comment. I just now have time to. I do hope that you get some good news about Reid in that he can now take the real drug or something like that.

    I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

    Love, hugs and prayers,

  7. Hi Betty, I was talking to Angela and she was telling me what is going on with you. I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. I am praying for you to keep having the strength and courage you do. Please take care of yourself. I know you are dealing with so much. Praying for Reid too. I think both of you need a break from all this stress. All we can do is pray and please take care. You are one amazing lady with a beautiful family. Please talk with me anytime. I know insurance is a terrible headache and I wish knew someone close to you who could help you sort it all out. It is overwhelming so I will pray on that too. Many blessings to you and Reid and Keith. Love Anne

  8. Hi Betty,
    I'm thinking and praying for you, Reid and your family.....


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