Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Alphabe-Thursday..."P" as in PINK Salad

Time has really been flying by and it's time again for another week of Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by Ms. Jenny over at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent." This week we are studying the letter "P" as in PINK Salad or PINK Stuff.

Before we talk about PINK Salad I wanted to apologize for missing class last week. I started with this recipe theme for Alphabe-Thursday and didn't really have a recipe ready for the letter "O" or time to come up with something edible. So, I skipped class. I don't know what will happen when we get to "X" and "Z" (and "Q" for next week!), but we'll see how it goes.

This week I thought I'd share one of our favorites...PINK Salad. I've posted this recipe before and it's one of those things that brings people to my blog in a Google search from time to time. I got this recipe from a friend when we were living in Virginia Beach back in the 1970's. She called it congealed salad, but my family has always called it PINK Salad or PINK stuff.

Congealed Salad (AKA PINK Salad or PINK Stuff)

1 small can crushed pineapple
1 6 oz. Jello (any flavor…I like raspberry)
1 12 oz. Carton Cool Whip
2 c. buttermilk
½ - 1 cup chopped nuts

Combine undrained pineapple and Jello in small saucepan. Heat until Jello dissolves. Mix Cool Whip and buttermilk; add nuts. Stir in gelatin mixture, mixing thoroughly. Put in mold or long rectangular pan. Let set for 4 hours. (I do it overnight.) I find it helpful to spray the mold lightly with Pam…it comes out of the mold a lot easier. Serves: 12. (I use a wire whisk for mixing the ingredients together.)

When I took the picture I got a little fancy and garnished it with some strawberries and blueberries.

I'm actually making PINK Stuff for my family this weekend. We're hoping to all work in the yard on Saturday (weather they're calling for rain) and I thought I'd throw hamburgers on the grill and we'd have macaroni and cheese and PINK Stuff. Then on Sunday we'll be celebrating Reid's "rebirth" with a small gathering at a favorite restaurant. March 11, 2012 is the one year anniversary of Reid's stem cell transplant and his life post cancer. We'll have a "rebirth" cake, balloons, etc. It's like he has two birthdays now...the original one on January 28th and the "rebirth" one on March 11th.

Now head over to Ms. Jenny's blog for a list of this week's participants so you can visit some more Alphabe-Thursday posts.


  1. Oh, I remember having Pink Salad when I lived in Illinois. Most people made this for gatherings and it was so good..
    I think I'll follow your recipe and give it a try...

  2. Looks wonderful!

    Here's to "rebirths"...

  3. Oh I like this pink version...yummy!

  4. I was wondering what you would put in your pink salad when I read your title. Looks and sounds yummy!

  5. I love love love this dessert - my dear mother in law used to make that and it is delish. I have the recipe too. sandie

  6. Hello.
    Never had "pink salad" before. It looks yummy.
    Here's to wishing Reid well. Hope you all have a wonderful time on Sunday.
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Painting And The Poet

  7. I think I saw this on your blog once before Still looks yummy

  8. This is a perfect dish for spring. I love pink!

  9. Your pink salad would look good on a spring lunch table.

  10. Pink is nice, but I want you to know that all good things seems to happen in March...Reid's rebirth, my son & hubby's birthday!...:)JP

  11. Pretty in pink! I recently found a Jell-O cookbook in perfect condition for a $1.50 at the Goodwill thrift store. My mom always made these types of desserts and I truly love the memory you gave me tonight. It is a happy one and I have been pverwhelmed and sad lately. Thank you so much! You made my evening happy!

  12. That's some pretty good looking pink stuff!!

  13. Thanks for sharing the recipe for Pink Stuff! Yum!

  14. I've always love the Pink Stuff! My kids loved it as well, although our oldest daughter turns up her nose at it now because she thinks it's not fancy enough. That means more for the rest of us!!!!

  15. I love that pink jello. And my Mom makes a green one with pistachio pudding mix, cool whip, pineapple and walnuts that is yummy, too!

    I love how those simple foods transport us to happier days!

    And it does sound like happy days at your house with Reid!

    Hooray, hooray!

    Thanks for sharing your yummy recipe.



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