Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alphabe-Thursday..."S" as in S'mores

Welcome to Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by Ms. Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."  Today we are studying the letter "S" as in S'mores.  I love S'mores...don't you?

A while back (maybe a year ago) I stumbled across a recipe for You're Killin' Me Smalls (my son tells me that's a line from a movie) on someones blog.  Basically, these were S'more cupcakes.  It isn't a blog that I have saved, so I had to go do a google search in order to find it again so I could give credit where credit is due.  The blog is Lessons Of A Newlywed, but I don't know the author's name.

Anyway, I decided to finally bake them for this week's Alphabe-Thursday post.  Bake and test.  The sacrifices I make for Alphabe-Thursday.  I baked them this morning and  immediately ate two of them for you.  They were very good although I would make a couple of minor changes next time.

You can find the complete recipe here.

The main ingredients are French Vanilla cake mix, graham cracker crumbs, Hershey's Kisses and Marshmallow Creme.  Before baking you push a Hersey's Kiss into each cupcake.
 Then you sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on the top.
Bake them and then add some Marshmallow Creme on the top.  Return to oven to melt.
OK, but I wanted it to look more like S'mores.  So, I stuck them under the broiler for a short while.  I don't know how long because I just watched them carefully until they started to turn brown.  Some did brown more than others, but I think that's just the heating coil in my oven.  I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure if the cupcake liners could catch on fire, but they didn't.  (Try this at your own risk.)
Next time I'm going to add two Hershey Kisses to each one or maybe even a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.  I would have preferred a little more of a chocolate taste.  The gal who originally posted this recipe said she used chocolate chips in each one because she didn't have any Hersey Kisses on hand.  I might try that too.

While I was making these I caught Shelby stealing dog treats.  Zoom opened the cabinet and Shelby managed to get the cover off of her treats.  I don't know how many she got before I noticed, but I took this picture after I put the cover back on. Afterwards I secured the cabinet doors with a rubber band.  I need to buy another child proof latch.  We used to have one on this cabinet until it broke.

Meanwhile, I don't get online a whole lot these days.  I've been trying to get things done around here that have been left for too long.  Last Fall we got a new backdoor and although it was primed it needed to be painted.  I noticed some mold on the woodwork around the door, so I bleached it and then painted the trim and door.  That was a good chunk of two days.
 I still have to do the inside...groan.

I've also been getting some things done around the yard.  Our backyard has a lot of shade.  I came up with this idea for a mobile vegetable garden.  Every couple of hours I go out and move the wagon as the sun goes across the sky.  I'm trying to give these little buggers six hours of sun a day.   I'm not sure I can keep this up when the weather turns hot, but I'll try.  I actually took this picture a few days ago and they've all grown since then!  I've got a tomato plant, two tomatillo plants, and two jalapeno plants.  Blackie is keeping her eye on them for me.

Now head over to Ms. Jenny's blog so you can visit some more Alphabe-Thursday posts.


  1. The cupcakes look wonderful! I will try them next time my grandkids come up for a visit!

  2. Mmmmm, the muffins sound good, and I like your idea of a mobile vegetable garden.

  3. I am going to copy the cupcake recipe I think Andy would LOVE them.

    You did a great job on the door.

    And you have a mobile garden - only you. Cute.


  4. Oh so yummy. I'm thinking the cat really wants to be careful not get caught doing the sneaking in the cupboard thing, but I can hear kitty now, come on what's good in there!!!! Hurry up!

  5. thank you for slaving over a hot stove on our behalf :)(And I love the dogs and their mischief!)

  6. Those cupcakes look really good! Someone brought something similar to work today - with crushed pretzels instead of the graham crackers - yummy!

  7. Anonymous8:12 PM

    That recipe sounds yummy!

  8. The cupcakes look delicious! I love the color of your door.

  9. Looks like you've been plenty busy. How nice of you to test bake those cupcakes for us...what a sacrifice that must have been! heehee. I can't make husband would eat them before they were even cooled and then want more...LOL

  10. Oh I think the Reeses cups would make a nice twist on the cupcakes.

    I think you dog and cat are so comical. Two cohorts working together. Too funny!

  11. Sneaky little Shelby.... At least She didn't Sneak away with Some of those tasty looking S'mores!

    I love this idea for the mobile veggie garden... You are So Smart!

    Great post for the letter "S"!

    Thanks for linking.



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