Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Alphabe Thursday..."Q" as in Quesadillas

Welcome once again to Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by Ms. Jenny over at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent" and the letter "Q" as in Quesadillas.  Johnsonville Chipolte Monterey Jack Cheese Chicken Sausage Quesadillas to be exact.  (Talk about a title for a recipe!)  Last night we made these for dinner after finding the recipe on

I wish I could tell you how delicious they were, but that would be a lie.  Reid and I hated them, but my husband actually thought they were OK.  The problem we had was that the sausage tasted like slightly spicy hot dogs.  We served them with salsa and guacamole, but it really didn't help.

I'm not going to bother typing the recipe out.  You can find it here.  There is an error in the recipe.  In the ingredients list it calls for 12 (8 inch) flour tortillas, but the recipe only calls for 6.

Anyway, here's how they looked before we put the top tortillas on.  (We only made four of them and were going to make more until we discovered we didn't like them.)

They had to go under the broiler for two minutes on each side.  We found that was a little too long because some of the tortillas started to burn.
So, try at your own risk!  (Or better yet...don't try at all.)  I've got this recipe theme going for Alphabe-Thursday and there just wasn't time to try another recipe.

Meanwhile, Spring is here!  We had lots of rain this past weekend and once again we're growing mushrooms in the backyard.
And sweet little Blackie followed me around the backyard.  She is the nicest cat and I don't believe she ever leaves the yard.  She sleeps on the deck during the day and I lock her and Baby in the garage at night.  Baby wonders off a little during the day, but not Blackie.  She knows she found a good deal when she showed up here hungry some months back.  They don't come much sweeter than this cat.  And to think I was afraid of her initially because she would growl when I came near her.  Not anymore.  Now it's all purrs.
Most of our trees have leaves now.  They're not completely out on this tree, but almost.
These leaves are completely out and shading the house now.
Hopefully, it will be Spring soon where you live too.  Most days we're running the A/C here.

Now head over to Ms. Jenny's at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent" so you can visit more Alphabe-Thursday posts.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you didn't like them! Oh well, now you know. :)

  2. We are having an early spring here and it's just wonderful!

    Sorry the recipe didn't turn out. Bummer!

  3. That's a bummer that they weren't good! I love quesadillas (normally). I like making them in the oven for a crowd. Spring is springing here too. Loving it!

  4. You went to so much work to make those - they do look good. And we are running our a/c here too!

  5. I'm hungry now!! ;)

  6. Well, I'll take your word for it they didn't taste great but they sure look good!

  7. I love Quesadillas but I make mine in the microwave and then you don't have to worry about the burning. I use sliced turkey, grated cheese, tomatoes, a little cut up green onions, and then mic it for about 1 minute. Then I unwrap when a little and scoop in some sour cream.Yummy....sorry yours didn't work out. :( Debb

  8. I haven't tried that but it does look too cheesy for my liking.

  9. Do you just hate it when you spend time and money on good food and then it goes bad? I have had bad food trys also.
    We were running the AC here too, until it broke Monday! We do have 2 little window units in the mean time.

  10. Anonymous12:06 PM

    SO YUM! Thanks for sharing :-)

  11. Oh, that's too bad they didn't turn out as you had hoped. Try this instead...super simple... a tortilla, a couple thin slices of cheddar or jack or pepper jack, depending on what you like, a thin cut slice of ham, some chopped fresh tomatoes, and another tortilla on top. Heat it in the oven until the cheese melts (or do it in a skillet, flipping it at the end to warm the top tortilla). Then you can add however much spiciness you like after with Cholula hot sauce or your favorite salsa or even guacamole.

    Enjoy your spring weather...we still have snow on the ground but it's definitely coming here soon.

  12. Anonymous12:21 PM

    What a shame the recipe didn't work out. Blackie certainly is pretty.

  13. Quesadillas are definitely better with chicken. I don't think I'd care for sausage in them, either.

    Great tree pics!


  14. Hi Betty,

    Look at all those mushrooms! I really like quesadillas with chicken - so sorry the recipe didn't work out. I know how that feels.

  15. I love quesadillas. Yours look GOOD!

  16. Yes, they do look good. Blackie is so sweet.

  17. Better luck next time with the quesadillas. It is freakishly warm here for March, in the 70s, when we should still have snow.

  18. Sorry to hear that recipe was dud, Betty. I am in Colorado this week, celebrating my youngest grandson's first birthday. The trees are all bare here although the weather has been mild. Things were blooming more in NY.

    Blackie sounds like a nice cat! It's nice you are taking care of him.

  19. Sorry to hear that the quesadillas didn't turn out great, but now you know!

    Spring comes early this year for us too, and we love it!

  20. Too bad the quesadillas didn't taste as good as they look.
    Our sweet kitty is stretched out on the bed with me, as it's pouring rain right now. Probably headed your way...
    I'm loving this beautiful spring, the wildflowers are so pretty.

  21. I hate when I go to the trouble to buy ingredients for a recipe and then it's not great!


    Blackie might have enjoyed them, though.

    They must have been pretty blah if guac didn't help!

    Thanks for a quite entertaining link for the letter "Q".



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