Saturday, January 01, 2011

Time For Christmas Treats??

In our house it is!

While sitting in a waiting room for one of Reid's appointments I started thumbing through a magazine I had never seen before.  It was the December 2010 issue of All You magazine.   I came across a recipe for Peppermint Bark Trees and decided it would be fun to try and make them.  Some of you might have read my earlier post about what happened to the tin of Peppermint Bark my sister sent this Christmas when our dog discovered it under the tree.  Then my friend Karen jumped in and sent a replacement tin for the humans in the family which is now long gone.  We love the stuff! 

I had jotted down the recipe on a piece of scrap paper and then bought everything I would need a few days before Christmas, but never found the time to make them.  Today Jim took Reid down to the hospital for a platelet transfusion and I had a little time to putter around and play catch up on a few things.

Here are my Peppermint Bark Trees!  I finally made them today.

And here's where you can find the recipe from the December issue of All You magazine.  They seem to have all their recipes online which is nice.  I bought a Wilton mini Christmas tree pan.  It's one of those green silicone pans and I found mine at Joanne's.  I found one online to show you  here.  There were 24 sections and I found that I had enough of the white chocolate melts to make all 24 even though the recipe said it would make 18.  I needed 2 cups of the dark cocoa melts though instead of the 1 1/2 cups called for in the recipe.

So, Merry Christmas 2011 a little early!


  1. These look easy and yummy! And I just happen to have several candy canes left over from Christmas!!

  2. They do look good! Happy New Year, Betty.

  3. Those look professional, Betty. Glad you enjoyed the Peppermint Bark :-) !

  4. Your peppermint trees looks so pretty, Betty! They make a nice treat year round.

    I also read your prior post and it was nice to see you all had a good Christmas and that Reid was home and able to enjoy quite a bit. I hope your husband is feeling better. Ash is such a cute kitty!

    Happy New Year!


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