Wednesday, January 26, 2011

4.8 Million Stem Cells!

Reid found out today that they harvested 4.8 million stem cells yesterday.  They shoot for 5 million, but since he was so close they felt it wasn't necessary to try and get more today.  YEA! 

Because they got enough yesterday he didn't need the Neuprogen shots this morning.  I am so relieved.  He probably is too, but he's too nice to say it.  He kept assuring me that I was doing just fine and he couldn't tell the difference between me doing it and a real nurse doing it.  (Actually, the nurse in the clinic told me that he told her I was doing just fine and since I wasn't there he didn't need to say it.)  We still have four doses left and Reid was told to hang on to it because he'll need it after transplant.  Dang!

He had a blood draw today and all his numbers looked OK except for his magnesium.  They wrote him a prescription for that and we picked it up before we left.  He's getting some energy back.  Today he walked around the hospital and for the first time in a while he didn't need the wheelchair.

Tomorrow he has a 1:00 PM appointment to have the large catheter that they needed for harvesting the stem cells removed and a smaller one inserted in it's place.  We've been told that they just insert it through the large one and then pull that one out.  They don't waste any time getting the larger one out and he'll be glad to see it go since it's been uncomfortable all along.  Keith arrives in the morning from Austin for a few days and he'll drive us down there.  I was a little concerned because Reid's never gotten out of Infusion Therapy quickly and if there was too much of a delay I'd be worried about trying to drive home in the dark again.

I'm not sure if they'll want him back for more blood draws or if they'll wait until his appointments on Monday with the stem cell doctor and the cardiologist.  It would be nice if he didn't have to go on Friday since it's his 35th birthday.  Not that he's up to celebrating, but a break from the hospital routine would be a nice present.


  1. That's great news Betty! I don't know how in the world they count those things. I know I couldn't count that high! hehehe Hope he doesn't have to go back until next week. He's gotta have at least a little cake on his birthday or his favorite food.


  2. Hi Betty
    I read over all your posts about Reid's progress getting his stem cells collected and that he is preparing for a transplant. AD Anderson is a premiere medical center so I'm sure he is getting state of the art care. It's so good you can spend so much time with him to help him. I'm keeping you all in my prayers! I hope Reid has a good birthday and keeps his spirits up!
    {{ Hugs}}

  3. That's wonderful, that he's gotten all the stem cells, and he's walking around a bit!

  4. Hi Betty, I keep on thinking of you, and hoping that all is going well for you and your family and Reid, of course.
    I don't know if you have time to check on us here in NJ, we had a huge snowstorm again last night - sending snow and clear blue skies, and all those memories back your way.
    And wishing you all the very best!

  5. Sounding good......!!!!!
    Continued prayers!


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