Friday, January 21, 2011

A Busy Day Down In The Medical Center

Reid had to be down at MD Anderson this morning for a blood draw and then an appointment at 11:00 in the Fast Track Clinic with the Advanced Practice Nurse.  We arrived around 9:15 and only got home around 8:30 this evening.

When we arrived in the clinic the nurse commented on the fact that he was still walking because he needed two units of blood and platelets today.  He actually walked from the waiting room to the exam room, but we had used a wheelchair from the parking garage to the clinic.  Anyway, they told us to go eat lunch and come back at 1:30 for the transfusions.  It took hours and it was a good thing that Jim had off from work today because I no longer drive after dark with my vision.  The need for transfusions wasn't anything to be alarmed about.  It's to be expected with the chemo he's been given and it's why we'll be back down at MD Anderson on Sunday so they can check his blood again.  Reid said he did feel better after the transfusions.

I read somewhere that MD Anderson uses more blood than any other hospital in the Texas Medical Center which is pretty amazing when you consider there are two Level One Trauma Centers there.

While we waited Jim and I went outside to watch the media circus.  Congresswoman Gifford was arriving in the Medical Center today and the crews were camped out.  I didn't have my camera so I took these with my cell phone.

In the next picture that's the parking garage on the left where we usually park and you can see the walkway to MD Anderson that goes over the road and into the clinics.


Then we went around the corner and they had the news crews kind of corralled between a couple of barricades on the sidewalk.  The Memorial Hermann rehab facility is located across the street from where they're all standing.  It's my understanding that the Congresswoman was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital's Neuro-Science Intensive Care Unit a couple of blocks away.  That's the same Intensive Care Unit Reid was in before his spinal surgery a little over a year ago.  I know she'll be getting wonderful care.  In this picture the tall building in the background is part of MD Anderson too.

I'm just glad we didn't have trouble getting a parking space in the garage.  I was a little concerned when I first saw all the activity.

Then we got home and there was a message from Sears saying to call them because they wanted to reschedule the service call for my dryer.  I made the appointment this past Wednesday and the earliest they could come was this coming Monday.  Reid has to be down at MD Anderson on Monday too, so Jim made arrangements to go into work late and be here for the repair call.  To make a long story short I let them know I wasn't happy and now they're going to come tomorrow between 1:00 and 5:00.  I'm just glad they're not coming in the morning because I intend to sleep late.  :)


  1. I wonder how long the media will hang out there? Hope not for long because I'm sure it messes up a lot of things having them there like parking and all. I didn't realize it took that long to get a blood transfusion. I hate waiting on repair men to come to the house! And if you are like me you want your house to be sparkling clean which is something that just can't be done at my house! Hope you get to sleep in!


  2. You deserve to sleep late....
    Good to hear that all is going well!

  3. What a small world this is! When I heard on our news that Gifford was going to TX I never imagined someone I knew would be close by. I hope Reid will feel better and better as the days go by, and I hope you're still sleeping as I type this at 11:30 am my time.

  4. You definitely need to sleep in! Those are really good pix from your cell phone.

  5. My thoughts are with you, Reid and the Congresswoman.


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