Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's official...I'm getting old!

Not really, but on a particular day I can be ancient.

Yesterday we drove up to Warrenton, Texas near Round Top. Twice a year Sleepy Hollow becomes Coney Island for a while when cattle and horses are kicked out of their fields and everything from fine antiques to honky tonk takes over.

We drive over for the day from Galveston County and usually take I-10 to Sealy and then cut over to Belleville where we stop at the local bakery for a second breakfast. This is a tradition for us that began many years ago. Yesterday there must have been a bikers' convention going on at the bakery. We saw some pretty fancy bikes.

I kind of liked the Eagle on this one!

For years we've gone this way and usually stopped at some fields along FM 1457 in Shelby on our way into Round Top. There were fields on both sides of the road and at one time they were mobbed, but last October I noticed the one field was completely gone and there were just a few people set up on the other side of the road. I didn't even stop and I guess other people didn't either because now that field is gone too.

So, we headed over to Round Top and down to Warrenton. The weather was beautiful. It was cool in the morning and I actually heard a couple of people complaining about the cold weather. It didn't last. By afternoon it had warmed up, but was still pleasant. And it wasn't real crowded yet. Once everything else opens later this week it will be mobbed.

I did manage to snap a few pictures along FM 237 in Warrenton.

The police were there to direct traffic - Texas style. I took this one through the truck windshield. Just ignore the dirt spots.

I am getting old. On this particular day my back was bothering me for some reason and we stopped often to rest. I didn't get to see as much as I would have liked to have seen.

On the way home we stopped at La Bahia for a quick look. Now I know what happened to Bambi's father.

And this guy was in a field right across the street. He seemed a little curious.

Not too many Blue Bonnets in bloom. Perhaps they're late this year due to the colder winter? I saw a few along the side of the road, but not enough to stop the car and get out to take pictures.

What I've noticed in recent years is that some fields have gotten much smaller or have closed down as new places open. I used to enjoy stopping at The County Line Show right off of 290 on FM237, but it's been getting smaller and smaller each year. I read in the Show Daily that it was recently sold, so maybe it will grow again.

So what did I buy?

A few odds and ends, but my best find were these tiny, little toy soldiers for my boy dolls! Oh yes, and the little toy guns too.

And you'll never guess what I saw at Cole's in Warrenton. A vintage Ferris Wheel in Ginny Doll scale! The thing was huge. It was mounted on a large board and would have fit nicely on the dining room table once we removed the chandelier. As I recall it was $800+. I'm nuts, but not that nuts!

And here's a You Tube video of Warrenton shot in the Fall of 2008. I believe this was filmed while the vendors were setting up and before the shows actually opened, but it gives you a good idea of the size of this thing. Be made me dizzy!


  1. What a great trip. It always makes me nostalgic when I see all the changes happening...and sometimes not for the best. But it sounds like a great time...Thanks for taking me along. Sorry I needed so many tinkle breaks!

  2. Hi Betty,
    It looks like fun there. Here in New York there isn't even enough vacant field to make a grand scale fair. I can't believe you found those tiny soldiers. So cute and love the picture. I can see the boys love them.

  3. Wow that's so cool. Looks like a good time :)

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  4. It is so fun to read your blog from your part of the US. So many different creatures and happenings. You could never find a armadillo in Washington State! You'll love coming to my doll show today and tomorrow! In April I roll out Gnomes Ahoy...were having fun now. Looking towards blogging with you more often!

  5. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things:


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