Wednesday, March 03, 2010

ALPHABE-THURSDAY "G" is for Ginny!

It's time again for Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent..." Head over to Jenny's blog for information on Alphabe-Thursday and a list of this week's particpants.

This week we are working on the letter "G" as in GINNY. My love afair with the Vogue GINNY Doll began in the 1950's. She's the small doll standing in the stroller next to Dennis The Menace. Actually, the GINNY in the photograph is my sister's GINNY doll. I received the same doll that Christmas only with red hair. I'm assuming the photographer just grabbed a few dolls and put them in the stroller for the photograph.

Here's my GINNY wearing the same outfit many years later. Her hair had originally been in a flip, but as a child I cut her hair. It's funny, but I can still remember the day I did it. I was sitting on my bedroom floor holding GINNY and the scissors. I knew I'd regret it, but I couldn't resist the temptation to cut. Since this picture was taken I bought a beat up 1954 GINNY on eBay for her red wig. The hair color matched her bangs perfectly, so I kept the original bangs and now this GINNY has braids.

Over the years I've bought friends for my childhood GINNY at doll shows and on eBay. I now collect vintage, modern day, and vintage reproduction GINNY dolls. One of my modern day GINNY dolls is my travel doll and GINNY Faith sometimes accompanies me on trips. I find playing with my dolls relaxing and I enjoy setting them up in scenes.

Today, GINNY Ellen was causing trouble again. (GINNY Ellen is my version of Ellen Degeneres as a child.) MaMa was up in arms over her behavior. She kept jumping on the coffee table and dancing. That's my childhood GINNY (with her braids) on the left and my travel doll GINNY Faith on the right. Of course, that's GINNY Ellen on the coffee table.

I haven't had a lot of time to play and take pictures in recent months, but here are some pictures of a trip I took a while back with GINNY Faith and some of her friends.

GINNY Faith has gotten to meet the rich and the famous. Here she is with the Naked Cowboy when he came to Houston for the 2004 Super Bowl. (I hope I don't get in trouble with Mrs. Matlock.)

And this is GINNY Faith and a friend with an Astronaut.

And since this is Texas (and GINNY Faith is a Texan) she's a big football fan. She and a friend attended a Texans game at Reliant Stadium.

She takes the game very seriously and studies diligently. Her friend studies with her.

The rest of the pictures are in no particular order. Most of these photos were taken over the last ten years. I just uploaded a sampling for your viewing enjoyment (I hope).

These are my reproduction AA twins. Actually, the boy doll on the left began life as a girl, but I cut her/his hair so I could have boy since Vogue didn't make a boy AA doll. However, this year they have come out with one for their 2010 line. I made their matching outfits.

Bobbing for apples on Halloween.

Last year I made them Peeps for Easter. It was an experiment and I was going to redo them this year a little bit larger, but real life has gotten in the way and I won't have time.

This was Easter a few years back when they dyed Easter eggs.

This was Taco night at GINNY's house.

At Christmas time we have our annual Birthday party for Jesus.

Decking the Halls!

Trying to decide what to wear for Halloween.

The first day of school. I made their dresses.

The Christmas Eve that Grandma got run over by a reindeer walking home from our house.

Doing some Christmas baking.

I bought this little Christmas room box that someone had painted at a resale shop. Every year I set up a little Christmas scene. This is GINNY with her Advent Wreath.


GINNY Faith has been raising this horse for the rodeo.

This isn't a GINNY doll, but one of GINNY's friends. I do have a few vintage dolls that aren't GINNY just so everyone doesn't look too much alike. This doll is watching Winky Dink on television.

And this is a group of Texas GINNY dolls.

Yes, in my house "G" is definitely for GINNY!

UH-OH...I'm in trouble. I can't get spell check to work tonight! Excuse all errors. (I hope Mrs. Matlock doesn't deduct too many points.)

Thanks Jenny for sponsoring Alpahbe-Thursday!


  1. When I was little my sister had a doll named 'giggles' . You would move her arms back and forth and she would , well... 'giggle' . I loved that doll !

  2. I have to show my pre-k class these photos, except for the naked guy...they will love the story! it's kinda like our Flat Stanley that I ws going to blog about last week but decided to post about my family.

  3. i feel as if i been looking through a viewfinder...
    gazing at your cute Ginny their delightfully whimsical world!

    your little vignettes would made great photographs for a children's book!
    what fun :)

  4. Your Ginny displays are amazing! I even spotted a Vogue Jill doll in one of your photos. I LOVE my Ginny dolls and the memories they stir up from my childhood. How do you do the different room vignettes? Your accessories for the dolls is wonderful. Keep posting your dolls...they are adorable.

  5. Betty you're an absolute riot with the Ginnys. Oh, the Peeps are so incredibly miniature. And so funny how you dressed your Ellen Doll.

  6. This was SO MUCH FUN to read! I love your weekly posts because your dolls and dollhouse have so much detail!!! And Ginny with an astronaut??? GREAT!!!!

  7. ohhh. I just sold a Ginny on Ebay...I wonder if I can get her What a wonderful wonderful post. Love the one on the table. You have such a wonderful collection.

  8. Gina doll is a party girl I see! I do not remember her but what cutie she was! Oh the dude in NY....well we where there about 4 years ago and my boys saw him and where laughing their heads off they could not believe their eyes! They still mention him! Great post, thanks for stopping over at mine too!

  9. your doll stories and photographic stories are always a delight. I never knew about Ginny dolls so this was an education as well!

  10. What a cute dol Ginny is. I have never heard of her but I will never forget it now. Lovely post with G

  11. i love that you took ginny on vaca :D

  12. What a g lorious imagination you have. I carefully studied each photo G learning all the lits bits and bobs that made them so lifelike and charming.

    This is wonderful.

    Does your family share your wonder with creating these G reat vignettes?


    Even with the naked cowboy! ha!

  13. Ginny is a busy girl! I like her red hair

    thanks for your visit to my aphabe-thursday

  14. Love your post! Great photos of wonderful dolls and their settings. Unfortunately, I have to help my son with his homework, so please let me get back with you tomorrow. I can't finish all my comments tonight.
    Take care!

  15. Ginny sure does live life to the fullest! i really enjoy these little scenes you have created ... what a wonderful world!

  16. What a cute post! This would be a great children's book (well, you might want to skip our friendly Cowboy lol). This is all adorable, but I really love the little armadillo! Kathy

  17. Anonymous3:35 PM

    You're husband must be a saint!

  18. OH this is a fun post full of "G"
    Ginny.. Thanks for stopping by.. It was great to meet you.

  19. Fun! I love seeing your dolls in all their varying activities!

  20. I always wanted a Ginny doll when I was a child. I never did get one. My favorite doll besides my barbies was a Chatty Cathy I received for one of my birthdays!

  21. Oh my lord, I just laughed out LOUD at grandma getting run over by a reindeer! I just love all of your pictures, you have the greatest imagination and everything's always put together so nicely.

  22. omg...this post gave me the biggest chuckle the dolls in the seatbelts...people must have thought you absolutely mad!!!
    big smile!!

  23. I never knew there were so many different Ginny dolls. Mine has blonde hair. She came dressed in a Brownie uniform.
    Delightful post as always. Great job!

  24. I love, love that ginny's met and had pictures taken with the people. Too cute.

  25. your ginny dolls are sweet....I love how you travel with them.......

  26. What fun Ginny and her friends have and what a creative and talented human companion. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  27. Awww, your dolls are so cute! Love all the little scenes! They remind me of some dolls I used to play with at my grandparents' house!

  28. Betty this was so adorable! Your doll vignettes are so full of imagination. You would love a blogger called "Lavender Dreamer," if you don't already know her, as she has lots of dolls and also plays with them on her blog from time to time.

    I always wanted a Ginny doll. a Shirley Temple Doll. a Betsy Wetsy and a Thumbelina doll when I was a child (I really loved dolls) but I guess the were too expensive for my parents to buy at the time, as I never got any of them. The one doll I did get as my only Christmas present when I was 8 was a Patty Play Pal!

  29. Oh, I forgot to tell you that someone we know knows the naked Cowboy and he laughs all the way to the bank..he makes a half million a year on appearances and posing for photos!

  30. What a great G post! Your Ginny dolls are very cute :) .

  31. G was obviously just made for you!!Great post!

  32. Love your Ginny girls, I have never heard of them before seems they didn't make it across the pond to Britain.
    Thanks for the chuckles (&the cowboy!).

  33. What a GREAT GINNY doll post for G Day! Love the black and white photo of you as a child especially! JUST WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for sharing and for your visit!

  34. Betty, I see you have 33 comments, so I'll add one more! I just ADORE your photos. I need to come back again; I don't have time right now as I'm taking a tiny break in the middle of spring cleaning. Sad to say, I still have my Chatty dolls Christmas tree up...isn't that just pathetic? Don't answer...


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