Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

In case you haven't noticed I moderate all comments. Even if you comment on a post that I wrote a long time ago I still see it and delete it. Your comments will never appear on my blog. If you want to sell something get your own website.

I do let some anonymous comments go through, but if there is any doubt in my mind as to their legitimacy I will delete them. I'm not interested in anything you're selling and I don't think anyone else is either.

And to the anonymous commenter that likes to tell me how my post helped them with their school assignment...I've been deleting you lately too. I've even noticed you commenting on other blogs telling them the same thing. If you spent less time online that "so called" assignment might be done by now.

I appreciate all the legitimate bloggers that visit and comment here.


  1. Oh man. Now you'll never know how much you helped me with my English homework. You should have seen my English before I started reading your blog - ha!

    That one always cracks me up!

    I haven't gotten many of the "selling ones" yet but I'm sure I will.

    Something to look forward to!


  2. This is a good one! I finally did away with letting the 'A' comment on mine. I was getting the student also. Got to tell you that after I read this post, then checked out your sidebar, I giggled...
    You have a great quote about 'Organized people' up there. Now do you know what I'm laughing??
    Your blog is cute....

  3. Oh Betty, I wanted so much to do a post like yours about Anonymous comment and the student one..I have been hit at least 5 times a day with the selling ones. So sick of them!

    Plain and simple: they are stupid to spend so much time sitting there to write the comments that would never go public..

    Thanks for sharing this frustrations with me.

  4. Hm... never have had a school/student commenter thingy yet... kinda curious though.

    haha..you are so right, the assignment would be long done by now...

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (thankyou for stopping by and commenting. :o) I read your sidebar and pray that your son continues to do well. Our 19 yr old son, when he was 14 was diagnosed with non-hodgkin, B-cell Burkit's-like lymphoma. We are very thankful that the intense 5 month chemo is over and he is healed, strong and healthy.)


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