Thursday, June 21, 2007


I've made a lot of progress on the Car Hop outfit since last Saturday. I should be done shortly. Thank goodness. It ended up not being as bad as I thought.

On Saturday I'm going to a doll show in Austin with some friends. It's around a 3+ hour drive each way. I'm going to have to get up very, very early...GROAN. I am not a morning person. I also don't need to be spending money on dolls right now. I just got back from the Fire Flies Convention earlier this month and in July I go to Ohio for the Ginny Doll thing.

Tommorow I have to take Dad back to the hearing aid place. We were just there last Friday to have his aids checked, but he has since lost one of them. We've searched his apartment, laundry, etc., and this time it's gone for good. I'm afraid he might have thrown it away with the old battery. He's also lost two room keys in the last week. I feel very sorry for him. He realizes how confused and forgetful he is at times and it weighs heavily on him mind. I try and tell him that he's still doing pretty well for someone his age. I was recently reading that there's a very promising drug for Alzheimer's in drug trials right now. If things continue to go along well they think the FDA might fast track this drug and it will be available in about a year. I think that will be too late for Dad. His memory has been declining rapidly the last nine months. For a number of years it seemed to progress very slowly, but not anymore. Most of the time he's pretty happy. He has a girlfriend at the assisted living facility and enjoys his time with her. So, in spite of the difficulties I think he still has a good quality of life at 88 and I'm thankful for that and hope and pray he'll be around for a good long while.

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