Sunday, June 11, 2006 of rest?

Dad and I went to church this morning. On the way home we stopped at the car wash and had my filthy car washed, and then we had a second breakfast at Panera Bread. I love Panera Bread! I even E-mailed them and asked when they'd open a place here. It took a while, but they finally opened up a place near the mall.

I downloaded yesterday's Chicago White Sox game for my Dad. He watches most of their games at, but yesterday's game was blacked out. It was a close game, so we downloaded it and he watched today. He's been a White Sox fan since he was around 12 years old. He and his friends each picked a team to root for and he picked the White Sox. They've never had a more loyal fan. My father has never lived in Chicago...he's only been there two or three times in his life. He's always lived in a suburb of NYC and it would have been easy to be a Yankee fan, but he hates them. Although he's getting more forgetful he studies the sports section of the newspaper daily and remembers everything about the Chicago White Sox. When he sits in front of the computer screen and watches his beloved White Sox he's that 12 year old boy again. I am so grateful to the Chicago White Sox for bringing so much joy into my Dad's life...and that's coming from this Houston Astros fan!


  1. He's a wise man to follow a Chicago team. Only thing I don't understand is why it isn't the darling Cubbies! Karen

  2. Anyone can be a Cubbie fan! Until recently it hasn't been easy being a White Sox fan. :)


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