Friday, June 09, 2006

Stressfully yours...

I've led a sheltered life. This blog stuff is new to me...old to everyone else. My E-mail friend, Karen, suggested I start a blog. I decided it would be a good way to vent...and lately I need to vent.

I'm in the process of moving my 87 year old father to assisted living nearby. He's not happy, but I've been worried about him for a couple of years. He's been living independently, but showing more and more signs of forgetfulness. When he came for a visit he time outside early in the morning. I knew then that it was time. I feel terrible about disrupting his life, but there's really no choice.

We found a place for him to live. It checked out well with the state and I feel real good about it. Unfortunately, it's going to take a while to move his furniture. This is a terrible time to move. All the movers are booked through June. Nothing is ever easy!

He's been telling my friends that I'm a "pain in the ass" which breaks my heart. I'm trying so hard to make him happy, but deep down inside I know that's an impossible task.

Stressfully yours, DayDream


  1. It must be so hard to be doing the right thing and helping your father when he really needs help, and then have the disease talking, what with him complaining about your doing things you aren't doing. Be strong! Karen

  2. I'm trying to be strong, but somedays I feel very weak. :) DayDream


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