Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm blogging

I'm blogging. Another new word for my vocabulary. I guess the rest of the world started doing this five years ago. On an average I'm five to ten years behind the times.

I tried to add a picture last didn't work. I think my picture was too big.

My Dad is sleeping in this morning and I'm enjoying a few quiet moments. The assisted living place is going to loan us some bedroom furniture so Dad can move into his apartment before his furniture arrives. That's good. We're going back to NJ next Friday to get a mover. One mover said they'd pick his stuff up, store it, and move it in July. That's probably the best we'll be able to do. So, Dad will probably move into the assisted living place on Monday. We need to go out and buy him a small kitchen table and chairs this weekend. We'll loan him a few things for the living room. I'll be glad when his things finally arrive. It will be more like home then. He's going with us to NJ on Friday so he can see what he wants to bring. He's looking forward to going back. We also have to get the house listed. Everything will get cleaned out when it sells. That will be a BIG job.

I feel bad about the house. It's the place I grew up in. We moved in when I was three years old. It was where my mother lived and a piece of her still remains as long as the house and all my parents things remain.

I think Dad just got up. I'd better run...

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  1. Welcome to Blogland! I have just been blogging for a couple of months myself. It's fun and an easy way to journal life's goings-on. I can identify with what you are going through with your dad. We had tough decisions to make for my parents several years back, and are now facing the same with my husband's mom. In your heart of hearts you know it's the best thing for an aging parent--care and supervision and assistance--but it's so hard when the parent doesn't agree. Take care.


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