Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Moving On Along...

I meant to get a blog post up sooner, but I had to think about what to write.

Last Tuesday Reid had his appointment with his regular oncologist.  When the nurse came in he told her about seeing the stem cell doctor the week before, but she didn't seem to know anything about it.  Then she told him that she had pulled everything up and his doctor was reading it before he came in to talk with him.

The doctor came in and Reid explained to him what was going on and how he had no idea a stem cell transplant was planned for after the Adcetris treatment.  We were both under the impression that the Adcetris would be tried first and if that failed the back up plan would be another stem cell transplant.  I don't believe the doctor had spoken with the stem cell doctor, but he explained that the drug is so new that there's no one accepted treatment plan like there was when he relapsed the first time.  An auto stem cell transplant with ICE chemo first is pretty well accepted as the way to go with the first relapse.  Now we're kind of in uncharted territory with a new drug with the second relapse.  There are different opinions as to the best way to go.

His doctor said that if he felt very motivated about having a stem cell transplant then he should go through with it.  If not, he said he would do what Reid is doing and stay on the drug and see what happens.  There's no right or wrong way to go.  For now he can just think about it.  When I mentioned that the stem cell doctor said he wouldn't recommend another stem cell transplant if he relapsed again, this doctor gave us the impression that it wouldn't be a problem.  He also said if he relapsed he could go back on the Adcetris again and that there were other drugs to try.

To be honest, I don't know what to think.  I've been in a funk for the last two weeks.  In the past everyone was in complete agreement.  This whole thing is unsettling.  I did a google search and found a blog where the gal had just had a stem cell transplant after being treated with Adcetris, but I don't know all of the circumstances.  I've learned over the years not to dig too deep for information since it can be worrisome.  Not everything you read on the Internet is up to date or necessarily accurate.  It can drive you crazy sometimes.

Reid seems to feel a little better now after speaking with his regular oncologist.  He had his treatment and hasn't seemed as sick this time.  The plan now calls for another scan after his next treatment in two weeks.  Needless to say, that will be another stressful period.  I'm trying to think positive and pray that the Adcetris continues to work.

After all we've been through Keith decided it would be a good time to come for a visit.  He drove over from Austin early Saturday morning and left for home Sunday afternoon.  We had a really good time in a little over 24 hours.  We ate, shopped, played a game, and Keith got some things done around here for me.  We went to Walmart and bought a table and bench for this room.  The old table was falling apart and the one leaf was collapsing from the weight of the sewing machine.  Keith put the new table together and we dragged the old one out into the garage.  Then he hung another plate rack in the dining room for me.  So, in a little time we got a lot accomplished.

I wanted to take a picture of Keith and Reid together, but Reid got tired and was sleeping when Keith was ready to leave.  So, I asked Keith to pose for a picture in the backyard this time.  I always take pictures of him by the car as he's leaving.  This is Keith posing by my mobile garden.  We've had tomatoes and jalapenos this year.
Today I told Reid I had to take a picture of him before I wrote this post.  So, here's Reid cleaning up after dinner.

Usually he doesn't start bouncing back until ten days or so after the treatment, but this time he seems to be doing better.  This chemo is still so much easier than the chemos he's had in the past.

Thanks again for your comments, E-mails, and prayers!


  1. Oh dear Betty - you sure do need to get a list of prayer warriors going on and I'll be one. This just has to be tremendously tough on everything. You have been through so much. I hope that you will find out more this next week. I hate that you all have to go through this. Hugs and prayers. sandie

  2. I hate all of this for you and your family. I will continue to pray for a complete healing for Reid. I will pray that when they do the test next week that everything will come back that the medicine he's taking is working and there is no cancer.


  3. Hey, Betty, Reid looks really good. And Keith, what a rock. Feel for you getting mixed signals from the doctors when all was in agreement previously. Hope to goodness the A. continues to work.

  4. Oh Betty..... what can I say. You all have been through so much. All I can say is that my thoughts and prayers are with you all!!!

    I love the pictures of your handsome sons......

    Love you!

  5. Oh Betty. I am putting Reid (and all of you) back on the monthly prayer list.

    Extra prayers can never hurt.

    Darn...you have some good looking sons there, girl. I swear...even in a not great news post I am amazed by how handsome they are.

    And how Reid's face still lights up...even doing dishes.

    How the heck did you get him to do those chores? ha!

    Hugs, hugs, hugs
    Hope, hope, hope
    Prayers, prayers, prayers.

  6. Betty, I can fully understand why you are in a funk. Please try to take care of yourself...for the boys...:)JP

  7. Oh, Betty, no wonder you feel in a funk with all this! But I think you are handling it very wisely. Thoughts are with you and Reid, as always. x

  8. Betty, you and Reid are the bravest people I know! You really make me realize what is important in life, and I am always so touched by your grace and good humor even when you both are struggling with such monumentous decisions and treatments. I always have you and Reid in my prayers. {{{ hugs}}}


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