Saturday, June 11, 2016


World Doll Day is celebrated the second Saturday in June.  That's today!  Happy World Doll Day to all my doll loving friends!

Why do I love dolls?  Dolls are my escape into a wonderful world of imagination.  I'm not turning my back on all of the world's ills, but I am momentarily escaping.

There are all kinds of doll collectors.  I don't collect mint dolls because I truly believe they belong with someone that can enjoy and care for them.  A doll that just sits on a shelf is not for me.  I want to actually "play" with my dolls by changing their outfits, setting them up in scenes, etc.  The previously loved dolls are the ones I enjoy.  I am glad there are people that preserve the mint dolls though as I think that is important.

I don't think little girls play with dolls the way my generation did, and for me that's so sad.  Now there are cell phones, tablets, computers, video games, etc., that keep children busy.  Will my hobby die out someday?  I hope not.

The happy times in my childhood always involved dolls (and cats).  I don't need a psychologist to tell me that's probably why I have so many dolls (and cats) today.
This is my childhood Vogue Ginny doll from 1954.  She is the only doll that survived my childhood.  She originally had long red hair in a flip, but I cut her hair shortly after I received her.  I waited for a beat up faded Ginny on eBay and bought her for the wig, so she now has braids.  The outfit she is wearing is also from my childhood.
If there is a little girl in your life please encourage her to play with dolls.  I can almost guarantee special childhood memories.

Have a wonderful World Doll Day 2016!


  1. These dolls are so pretty, remind me of my childhood !

  2. I LOVE dolls too! I recently found one called "Daddy's Girl" and she will be perfect for my hubby and our middle daughter. Those two are middle children and basically two peas in a pod. My dolls have always been an escape for me. A few weeks ago my lil great grand Jayden saw me giving a Barbie to my grand girl Addy. He had brought a plastic tray filled with his books. He forgot to take it home and when my hubby put it in the car to deliver to them he noticed Jayden had put a shoebox with several Barbies in there too! He is quite the character. He was playing with one of my cabbage patch kids and asked why I don't have a doll with open and closed eyes. I went to Walmart and bought one so now they can play. LOL! ANy reason is a good reason to buy dolls! I have some beautiful collectible dolls and I want to display them again. My kids were always very careful when they were small so why I don't put them up, hmmm.... I need too! Considering the ways f this world, dolls are a good reminder of simpler times and even for an hour or two take away the wickedness we live in. Thanks Betty. You are a real doll yourself. xo

  3. The Husband and I discovered an antique and vintage store in our town that specializes in dolls. It's such a cool place. Sherry, the owner, calls them adoptable dolls. She's so sweet. Here's a photo of some of her dolls at my other blog --

  4. I agree, I don;t like all those ads everywhere. You can not get away from it all! It's probably somewhat cooler in the mountains but we have dry heat. Like the Arizona desert! LOL! My daughters friend who is based in Dallas with American Airlines said even the swimming pools are like hot soup! I am getting ready for my jewelry party tomorrow night. People either love it or run away from you. But I love it so it is good to keep busy with something besides work around the house and yard. Have a great weekend Betty. Take care. xo

  5. I have a friend with an amazing doll collection. It brings her a lot of enjoyment, and I'm kind of sorry that I didn't play dolls that much as a child. We seemed to be playing outside all the time in our busy neighborhood.


  6. Nice editorial, Betty. Made me think of our granddaughter, KP. We gave KP her first baby doll, one about 10-11 inches long. Still at almost seven, 'Sara' goes with her when going out. Sara is simple, no closing or opening of eyes, crying, or wetting. She only has the clothing she was born with and one other dress we got when we chose her.
    Before Sara, KP before age two had an iPad of her own. It is now mine, a hand-me-down I'm using to write your comment.
    - - -
    Our cruise was on Princess, the Pacific Princess. It is a small ship that Princess uses for tight places and 'round the world' cruises. It had been to Alaska and started this series at Los Angeles. It went first to Ft. Lauderdale, then to NYC. We got on at it while gay docking at the Manhaten docks. It took us to Halifax, N.S, three stops in Iceland, two in northern Scotland, and on to Dover, England.
    We bussed to London and stayed two nights. That was so we could visit friends we visit in Towster (in Northampshire) who we met on a Baltic cruise back around 2010. We had been seeing them once a year since when we visited our London daughter and KP and BIL. She works for BP but was in London for five years.
    The Pacific Princess was the original TV "Love Boat" series ship. The ship we took has replaced the old one but with a time gap I'm sure. It only carries 582 passengers. In 2013 we took it from Venice to Istanbul and on into the Black Sea. We stopped two places in Crimea, Ukraine, and to one each in Romania and Budapest. Then it came back to Athens. It was making stops all along the was too.
    Thanks for sharing about your dad. Special also because today is Fathers Day and you steered my thinking towards my dad. We visited the Fulton Fish Market in NYC once. Very interesting. My grandmother worked in a fish canning factory in Astoria, Oregon.

    1. Oops, typos, mine or 'Spell Helper's.'
      Should be "day docking" at Manhaten, and
      making stops along the 'way' too.
      Sorry .


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