Monday, June 27, 2016

The Times We Live In

I have never cared much for politics and often joke that it's a necessary evil in a democracy.  In spite of that dislike I try and keep up to date on political happenings by reading my newspaper every day and listening to the news on various news outlets.

I stay out of politics although I always vote.

I've never posted anything political on this blog, but that's about to change with this post.  I can no longer look the other way.  Next time it might be my loved one.

There are two organizations that I've decided to support financially:


In the past it seemed so hopeless.   Now I'm more optimistic. 


  1. Betty, I'm glad you're feeling optimistic about this issue. I haven't given up hope yet that common-sense gun laws will be put into place. Hugs to you.

  2. The gun laws really need a change, it's not the far west anymore !

  3. Betty I agree with you about guns. I hate senseless senseless killings. I wish all guns were gone. The only thing I wonder about is that bad people will get guns illegally - if they want them they will get them. I don't really know what the answer is. I do know praying does help. I hate the senseless killings of the innocent.

  4. I'm with you, Betty, on the gun thing. It is ridiculous now, our Texas law. But I have yet to see a gun strapped on anyone.
    I don't do politics on my blog either and really don't consider voicing out against guns very political. But it will take people in office bent on getting they out of people's hands before it happens.
    We were almost neighbors of the 2nd Amendment gun toting lady who shot her two daughters. I really don't see why the police have to shoot to kill, that was too good for the lady. Better to have had her in prison for life, suffer there.

  5. Nice post. Love it. Well written and described.

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  6. I understand why people get nervous. Sadly it is the law abiding gun holders who are being punished for those who are breaking the law. The problem isn't in the guns. The problem is in those who break the law or who need other help. I think we need to take better care of people who need help rather than take away the rights of all Americans because of the few nuts.

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