Friday, June 03, 2016

Busy Memorial Day Weekend

Keith came from Austin for the Memorial Day weekend.  It was also his 47th birthday, so we went to Kemah and bought some live crabs to steam.  We enjoy sitting around the table and cracking crabs.  It's very labor intensive.  If you've ever cracked crabs you know why crab meat is so expensive!  (We also had hamburgers for the non-crab fans.)  Troy and his family joined us.
I made a Nabisco Chocolate Wafer cake.  We hadn't had one of those in ages and it's so good and so easy to make.  It's basically just chocolate wafers and whipped cream.  The recipe is on the box, but the cookies can be hard to find in the grocery store.  At HEB they weren't on the cookie aisle.  They were on an end cap some aisles away.  At Kroger they keep them on the aisle with the ice cream cones.  Don't ask me why?  It just takes some looking to find them.
After cake Keith got to open presents!
It was a busy weekend.  The next day Keith and I washed the green slime off the back of the house.  Every year since I've lived here it's gotten worse.  The climate here doesn't help.  I wish I had thought to take some pictures before we started.  You'll have to take my word for it.  There was lots of green slime!  We used a product called Armor E-Z House Wash that I got at the hardware store.  It works very well.

Keith prepared to take on the slime.
I helped by holding the ladder.
I took most of the pictures after we had already sprayed the house once, so you really can't see how bad it looked before we started.

We used a scrub brush around some of the windows, but the slime came right off the Hardi-Board that's on the rest of the house.
The whole thing took about 1 1/2 hours which wasn't bad.  I hope it doesn't grow back too quickly.

Reid and Keith spent the rest of the weekend playing games.
All too soon it was time for Keith (and Mittens) to leave.
A brotherly good-bye.
And Keith (and Mittens) headed back to Austin.


  1. Betty - I loved seeing all the pictures - loved to see the family and all your food. I have never made a crab - you are brave! I am glad to see that your family was all there too! Wonderful family!

  2. Betty, you had a nice weekend with the phamily. I love your green slime story although I imagine you probably didn't enjoy the clean up pf it. reminded me of Ghost Busters. LOL! Your cake was pretty and I am guessing tasty too. Have a wonderful week. xo

  3. How have I gone all these years without eating Nabisco chocolate wafers?! I need to remember to look for them at the store next time. That cake looks very yummy.


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