Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bronzed Baby Shoes For Warm Heart Wednesday #13

It's time again for Warm Heart Wednesday sponsored by Ms. Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."  This is where we share something that warms our hearts.

This week I'm going to show you some of my bronzed baby shoe collection.  I'm on a mission to save these special mementos that end up in estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, or antique malls.  I just don't understand why someone didn't want them.  They never fail to warm my heart.

I'll save them as long as they aren't too expensive.  The most I've ever paid was $35 for bronzed cowboy boots, but this is Texas.  They might be less expensive in another state.
I don't understand why a relative didn't want to keep them.

The least I've ever paid is $3 at the First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas, but most are around $15-$20 or so.  I pass if they're too expensive.  The cowboy boots were the one exception.

The ones I find kind of funny are the baby shoes that come with ashtrays.  A rather strange combination by today's standards.  Often they'll be seen minus the glass ashtrays that have probably gotten broken over the years.
 The above shoe has a name plate.  It says, "RICHARD DELEON, SR., DECEMBER 26, 1935."  I find it kind of strange that the plate indicates this person was a SR.  That would mean he would have a child that would be a JR.  At least that's the way that kind of thing usually works.  Perhaps this shoe was bronzed after the person was grown with a child of his own?  I googled the name, but there are a bunch of people with the same name.

Perhaps someone can identify this cute little boy?
I took the picture out of the frame to see if there was anything written on the back and there wasn't.  He kind of reminds me of one of my sister's sons at that age.  Now why didn't someone keep this picture and the shoes?  Don't worry...he's not forgotten.  He sits on my bookshelf and warms my heart every day.

I kind of like this little girl's dress shoe.  I have the pair.   I think they're so sweet.

I believe these probably belonged to a little boy.  I have both of them.
This shoe was one of my mother's baby shoes.  My sister has the other one.
NOTE TO MY SONS:  After I'm gone if this shoe winds up in an estate sale or garage sale I will come back and haunt you.  Love, Mom

This was my most recent find and they're probably the oldest shoes.  I say that because of the buttons.
I have bronzed shoes scattered about my home.
I'm their caretaker.

Now please head over to Jenny's blog for a list of this week's participants.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. You know you and I have talked about this before. I told you I got rid of mine - guess what? When cleaning last summer for the move - I found them - I did not throw them away and I thought of you.

    What a sweet post - you are the caretaker of lost memories.

  2. Wow, Betty. You do have quite a few and some really neat ones. I don't know anyone else who collects them. We have baby shoes but none are bronzed. Thank you for showing them and for giving them a good home.
    BTW, I haven't been to Canton.

  3. Such a fun thing to collect. And I find it really odd that someone would get rid of something that has an actual picture of someone they know in it. I would love to find me a pair of those.

  4. Anonymous7:46 PM

    How wonderful of you to rescue all those memories! I love that you cherish them.

  5. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Oh, twenty years ago, those baby shoes were in every house! Thanks for visiting me! Have a great weekend:)

  6. My mom had mine bronzed. Not sure where they went!


    PS. Love the cowboy boots.

  7. Have a wonderful Valentines Day...

    Noodle and crew

  8. Betty you are such a kind heart. I hate seeing lovely photos at the thrift stores. Makes me sad, especially baby or family photos. I love your collection of bronze shoes. The ash tray made me laugh. Ah, different times for sure. I love coming over here. Take care. xo Anne

  9. You are such a lovely person, Betty.

    It makes me happy that you are their caretaker. They are lucky to have found you.

    It makes me sad also. Do you think they were ashtrays or perhaps a little dish for a tooth or something?

    Thanks for warming my heart for week 13.

    You are always such a joy.



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