Monday, February 01, 2016

Are You Burned Out Yet?

Have you been watching the Presidential debates?  Have you been following the various candidates on the political trail?  Are you burned out yet?  I hope not because I have another debate for you.  This one took place on Late Night with Stephen Cobert.

Mr. Cobert decided to moderate a debate between "Donald" and "Mr. Trump."  Decide for  yourself who wins.

The actual debate begins approximately 2 1/2 minutes into the video if you want to skip right to it.
I usually try and stay out of political discussions, but this debate was too good to pass up.

I consider politics a necessary evil in a Democracy.  More so this year than ever before.



  1. Got to be honest - I haven't made a decision yet.

  2. There are not any "great" individuals running...and yes, I am sick of it already!...:)JP

  3. Your "football" is not very well known in Europe. We call football "soccer" and then the whole world gets crazy except the Americans, lol !

  4. Stephen Colbert's and the Daily Show's take on politics makes the Presidential campaign palatable for me. Hopefully, a person with substance, humility, respect, and humanity is elected.


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