Thursday, December 10, 2015

Warm Memories for Warm Heart Wednesday

Welcome once again to Warm Heart Wednesday sponsored by Ms. Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."

This is such a busy time of the year and I'm late getting this up.  I've been busy doing the holiday shopping, decorating, etc.  I know I posted these pictures of my Christmas tree last year, but it looks the same every year and every year it warms my heart.  It's a beautiful tree if you're into old "Christmas with Santa" photos and faded construction paper ornaments.
See the reindeer?  The antlers are Reid's hands.  He'll be 40 in January, so that reindeer is pretty old...and faded.
I saved every Christmas decoration my three kids ever made.  My mother saved the ones I made.  See the colored Santa?  That's one I made way back when.  The aluminum snow flake was also made by me.  It was cut from a chicken pot pie aluminum pan.  They don't even put chicken pot pies in aluminum pans anymore.

I better post some pictures with decorations Keith and Troy made so they won't feel slighted.
Keith made the red stocking in the above photo.  He's 46, so that stocking is pretty old.
I can't remember if Troy or Reid made the painted tree.  My apologies to Troy if this wasn't his work of art.  However, you can see Troy with Reid in the Santa picture.  That was the year Keith decided he was too old to sit on Santa's lap.  Troy is now 45 so the pictures is pretty old.

It's just a tree of memories and I love decorating it each year.  I'll say to myself..."I remember this decoration.  We were living in Oklahoma when Keith made it."  "I remember this photo...we were at the mall in Virginia when it was taken."  So many warm memories to warm my heart.

Now head over to Ms. Jenny's blog for a list of this week's participants.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. That to me is the best spirit of Christmas I have seen!!!!!!!!!! That tree is awesome!! I love it.

  2. You have nice tree ornaments, Betty. It must be quite a job to keep track of all those. I doubt we have very much made by the kids or grandkids. And what we have, if some, we wouldn't know where to find them. Most of our stuff is coming out in the open though with our move (to Cinco Ranch in Katy). Lots of surprises as we open the boxes. And the lost stuff from the move?
    Last week? We came 45 minutes and had curbside seats near the end of the parade.

  3. Oh what a treasure you have of wonderful family Xmas ornaments ~

    Awesome place and wonderful photography! What fun!

    Wishing you the magic and love of the season,
    artmusedog and carol

  4. I love your tree, Betty. It's the best kind of tree to put up each year. I'm tearing up with the sweetness of your words and photos. Merry Christmas!

  5. Betty you're the best! I love the way you have kept all those Christmas decorations and ornaments for nearly 50 years, that's impressive and a lovely load of memories for you all!
    Wren x

  6. We will be away over Christmas, so I am filling a large container with cedar branches from our lot down the street. I'm putting lights on it and hanging sea shells, Spanish moss and dried hydrangea blooms. That will have to do for this year. I love all your keepsakes, Betty!!

  7. Love your tree! Merry Xmas from Sicily xx

  8. There's nothing nicer than the traditions surrounding Christmas. Such a pretty tree!

  9. How nic that you kept all these self made Christmas decorations ! I did my decoration today.

  10. I adore your tree and your memories.

    We were dealing with incarceration of a family member over the holidays. I went to jail to visit her and my lovely husband put up the tree while I was gone.

    It was odd not to see the memories go on the tree so I insisted I would UNdecorate the tree.

    So many smiles and so many joyful times in those hand-made, home-made decorations.

    Thank you, Miss Betty, for warming my heart through and through with your post.

    Happy New Year and...



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