Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lending A Helping Hand for Warm Heart Wednesday #7

Welcome once again to Warm Heart Wednesday sponsored by Ms. Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."

We were living in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1979.  I had gone to Sears with my three year old son to pick up a catalog order.   The order was for a lamp that came in a large box.  It wasn't heavy...just bulky.
(Can you believe I found an old picture online of the Sears store at Pembroke Mall?  This is exactly how I remember it.)

As we walked across the parking lot I told my son to hold onto the leg of my jeans and walk with me while I used two hands to hold the box.  His eyes lit up.  He had discovered a new game.  He would let go of the leg of my jeans, laugh, and run away.  I would have to put down the box, run after him, bring him back to where I'd left the box, and tell him once again to hold on.  We'd walk another five feet and the game would start all over again.  He'd run and then laugh.  I'd put down the box and run after him.  I was getting a little frustrated and still had a ways to go before reaching the car.  Suddenly an angel in disguise appeared on the scene.  She said, "Let me hold your son's hand and I'll help you to your car."

You know, that lady made my day.  That simple act of kindness meant so much to me at that time.  I vowed that I would never forget and if I ever had a chance to help a struggling mother I would.  For years I would stop and open the door for mothers trying to get strollers into the mall.  You older mothers will remember trying to hold the door open while you struggled to get the stroller through.  (I believe the automatic doors came into being with the Americans With Disabilities Act in the early 90's.)

I don't have the opportunity to help struggling mothers as much anymore.  I'll pick up a dropped pacifier on occasion, but the opportunities aren't there as much as they were before automatic doors.  And sometimes I just have to be careful because I can instinctively tell when a frustrated mother just wants to be left alone.

However, I'll always remember how that kind stranger at Pembroke Mall in Virginia Beach, VA came along at just the right time and how her simple act of kindness warmed my heart.  I firmly believe that sometimes another mother just needs a little pat on the back to make her day.
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  1. This is a nice story, Betty. I feel warm just reading it. But it feels a lot warmer helping or being helped.
    The garage ordeal was this week, pretty cold in there.

  2. I meant to tell you that I enjoyed seeing that old Sears photo. I liked seeing the 70's cars.

  3. We really do need to help each other when we can, don't we? I love that you remembered her act of kindness all this time. We don't realize how far-reaching our efforts are sometimes.


  4. Oh I love that story - it is true - one act of kindness can do so much for us and we remember it always. A sweet story.

  5. Betty ~ truly a heart warming story and wonderful your paying it forward as they say ~ Kindness is so simple yet under rated in our times ~ slowly coming back, though

    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year

  6. Lol, that's so nice to tease mummy ! Fortunately this lady helped you out !

  7. Thank goodness for people like that woman who helped you that day. :-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  8. This is such a sweet memory, especially now, with all the troubles of the world smacking us in the face every single day. Thank you for your offering, you wonderful woman!!!!

  9. Betty! Betty! I adore this post. Truly.

    I feel exactly the same way and do the same thing. You can always 'tell' if you're in the moment.

    I could picture this entire episode like it was a trailer.

    You are wonderful.

    Blessings and



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