Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"V" as in a VERY Blessed Easter for Alphabe-Thursday

It's time again for Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by Ms. Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."  I sure hope Ms. Jenny will be back soon.  I miss her!

This week we are studying the letter "V" as in a VERY Blessed Easter.  More on that later.  I need to catch up now.

Last week I lost my almost 21 year old cat and I was kind of in a funk.  I apologize for all the E-mails I've failed to respond to.  I'm probably going to just clear a lot of them out and start over.  I also missed my letter "U" post.  You know, "U" as in UH-OH.  "UH-OH, I missed class last week." 

OK, now I'm caught up.

If you celebrate Easter I hope you have a VERY Blessed Easter. 

I've been playing with my dolls again and thought I'd share some pictures of the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  (Click to enlarge them.)
In case you are wondering these are all Vogue Ginny Dolls.  Some are vintage from the 1950's and others are modern day and vintage reproduction dolls all by the Vogue Doll Company.  I grew up playing with Ginny in the 1950's and I love her as much today as I did back then.

You can learn more about Ginny by visiting Carolyn's Rock and Roll Ginny site.

Ginny was pre-Barbie.  By the time Barbie came out I considered myself "too old" to play with dolls.  Little did I know that I would be playing with them once again at 68!

Thank you for visiting.  Now head over to Ms. Jenny's blog for a list of this week's participants.


  1. I can only imagine how tiny those eggs, baskets and accessories are. Some of it looks miniscule!

  2. I think it is precious the way you still have your dolls and still play - not to old for that are you????? Just kidding. Hey is a Chatty Cathy doll a Ginny Doll? They are beautiful dolls.

    I am so sorry about your kitty - I know you must be so sad.

    Love, sandie


  3. So cute..the dolls get to go on a egg hunt also. Happy Easter.

  4. Now these Dollys are having a wonderful time. What fun. MB

  5. Happy Easter to you ~ Your Ginny dolls are lovely ~ I do believe I still have mine stored away ~ Yours look lovely the way you have them displayed ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  6. So sorry about your kittie...

    love the post...

  7. So cute - Happy Easter to you!

  8. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Your Ginny dolls are much more realistic (true to life) than the Barbie dolls! I was not much in love with dolls when I was a kid, but with their clothes:)

  9. Sending my condolences for your cat. I wish you a happy Easter though.

  10. Betty, your dolls are so adorable...all ready for Easter...and as I told you, your baby is in great...hands!...:)JP

  11. You outdid yourself my friend. Amazing details. Love it all. The Jill in purple is styling! Oh so much to take in.

  12. Sorry about your cat. You know what? I believe that animals are resurrected, too. Not sure that is a common point of view, but it's mine.

    Happy Easter!


  13. I love that you still play with dolls, Betty! My sister had a Ginny doll and I was so envious of her as she had so many doll clothes for her in a trunk and would not let me touch I had Barbies, as she was the doll of my era.

    I hope you have a very Happy Easter!

  14. I love dolls too! Your collection with their little I am always looking for one to buy! Last year my friend Lorna gave me a beautiful doll she won at a tea! Right now the dear girl is wearing my Kentucky Derby hat which is about five sizes to big for her small head! She also gave me two fairy dolls she had! I was tickled. I wish I had a huge house because I would display each one of my precious collection. I always dreamed of owning a tea room and having dolls on display there! Hugs,Anne


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