Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I know a lot of you are looking forward to spring. Here in the Houston area we have two seasons...a little bit of winter and then a long hot and humid summer.  Summer has arrived and I had forgotten how much I dislike the heat and humidity.

This past winter was wonderful! The coldest and longest winter that I can recall in 30+ years of living in this area. We actually had a few frosts and for the first time in many years I lost some of my tropical plants. I kept moving them into the garage whenever they predicted a frost, but one time I didn't and that was all it took.

This is a picture of Reid arriving home. You can see one of my fig trees that didn't make it. (I'm not sure of the real name, but I call them fig trees for short.) I had that tree since 1990.
Sophie was happy to see him.
We have a mobile garden again this year.  I wheel the wagon around the yard so our tomato and pepper plants get enough sun.  Here's Reid checking the crop.
We have peppers!
And a tomato!
And we have tiny limes on the lime tree.  There were more last week, so I'm thinking the birds might be picking them off?
 I really wanted to take this tree out, but now that there are limes it makes it harder for me to do so.  I don't care for a tropical landscape.  It must be the New Jersey in me, but I want the yard to be like woods with pines, oaks, etc.  There are some Crape Myrtles along the fence and I plan to have them taken out.  I hate Crape Myrtles.  I know a lot of people really like them, but I don't.

The next few days are supposed to be cooler (not in the 90's) and I need to get outside and finish organizing the garage.  We have a three car garage and still can't get a car inside it!


  1. I love the garden on wheels!!!! Perfect for a few plants...I might look for a wagon!!!!...:)JP

  2. I'm in SC, and while our summer isn't as long as yours, it's just as hot and humid! I hate summer in July and August! June is ok, and the end of Sept too. The rest of year is perfect!

    I have a friend who lives not too far from Houston, and she posted a photo of a potted cactus that was covered in ice! Our winter was colder for longer than usual too.

  3. You know in the new house I might start a little garden for myself. Love your rolling garden.

  4. That rolling garden is so sweet! We have weeds and dirt and snow still falling here! Seems like the snow encourages the weeds to grow! But it is hard while we both still work so hard during the week! Love that you have limes and tomatoes! what fun!


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