Wednesday, April 02, 2014

"T" as in the TEAM TOILS for Alphabe-Thursday

It's "T" day for Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by Ms. Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."  The letter "T" couldn't have come up at a better time.  This past weekend some of my TEAM helped me TOIL in the front yard.

It was time to get the yard in shape for Spring.  Here we usually go right from Winter temperatures into Summer temperatures so I wanted to get the mulch down before it got hot. 

When we moved in the front had white rocks edging the bed, but I wanted a different look.  The last time Keith visited he lugged the white rocks into the backyard for me.  I dug a trench so the landscapers wouldn't have any trouble edging and keeping the grass out of the bed.  We have St. Augustine grass which has runners and they can easily creep into places where they shouldn't go.

I like to use Pine Bark Nuggets for mulch because I find they last longer.  I always put 4 or 5 layers of newspaper down, wet the paper, and then dump the mulch on top.  It takes a while for the newspapers to decompose and they help keep weeds to a minimum.
Keith opening a bag of mulch.

Reid wetting down the newspapers behind the bushes while Keith spreads mulch.

The old lady spreading the mulch just so!

Getting all the newspaper covered before it blew all over the neighborhood.  Wouldn't you know it would be a windy day.  We had to work quickly.

I think it looks much better.

I've since planted Monkey Grass along the edge to help keep the Pine Bark Nuggets contained.  I don't know if you have Monkey Grass where you live, but it's dark green grass like stuff that eventually spreads and thickens.  I forgot to take a picture today and it's dark outside as I type this, so you'll have to use your imagination.

Now I need your help.  When I was looking for a place I almost didn't look at this house because I thought it lacked curb appeal due to a strange window in the stairwell.  I ended up falling in love with the interior and thought perhaps I could do something to help the ugly window.  Here it is...

The builder never put shutters on that window.  Do you think shutters would help?  I like the bushes and would hate to have to move or transplant them, but I think there should be something with height under that window.  Would some kind of ivy look OK?  Maybe a trellis?  There is some room behind the bushes, but not enough to plant a shrub.  I'm open to any and all suggestions, but remember this is a semi-tropical climate and not everything can survive here.

I also tucked a few Gnomes in among the bushes in the front and then hid a couple of naughty Gnomes behind them.  They're to the left and right of the front door.  I wonder if anyone will say anything when they come to the door?  Those naughty, naughty Gnomes!
Thanks for visiting and now head to Jenny's blog for a list of this week's participants.

Thanks Keith and Reid for all your TOILING!


  1. I love those gnomes!!! I want some! About that window... I'm too OCD to have one window without shutters, when the others have them. So I would HAVE to have a shutter there. Just my opinion. Then, perhaps a taller something in that part of the bed, just on that section of brick that juts out. Just an idea! The house is beautiful!

  2. Your new house is beautiful! I love the gnomes! It's too soon for me to put out my little ones that I have. Mine aren't naughty though. As for the window I might would go with a different looking style of a shutter. It's late and I can't picture it but there are different styles of shutters. One with some flair perhaps to make the window stand out more. Or I would hang a big wreath or something under it to fill in the space. I'm sure you'll find something but I think it looks great!

  3. Wonderful post for T ~ Love your home ~ and lots of work for a beautiful landscape ~ As for the window I would just add shutters ~ Keep it Simple ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol

  4. I like pine bark for mulch too -- it always looks really good. I have some areas that need redoing too!
    I think I'd have to shutter that window... and maybe the trellis idea with ivy to fill up the space!

  5. Lotsa hard work there. but it looks very nice and tidy. I think maybe a trellis would look good under the window. I love shutters but then you would ha of Seattle.
    Thaks for visiting. MBve to have more than just one.

    Stanwood is in Washington--about 50 miles North

  6. The hard work paid off, it looks beautiful!

  7. I love your naughty gnomes...

    I don't know what I'd do about that window, but I'm not sure shutters are the answer...

  8. The gnomes are lovely - and I agree about shutters!

    Superb photos!

  9. Oh, Betty, your home is beautiful! I like the idea of shutters and maybe a trellis with climbing ivy in front of the brick under the window. Your gnomes are delightful.
    Now on to your previous doll room post!

  10. Oh my goodness your home is knock down gorgeous.

    I am not a gardener and I am not a decorator - but I love it just the way it is.

    But it will be beautiful - whatever you do.

  11. Your home is beautiful! What a beautiful landscape you did! I am so Happy I stopped by. Take care and enjoy those naughty gnomes. They really are naughty!


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