Wednesday, July 03, 2013

"G" as in favorite doll!

It's time again for Ms. Jenny's weekly event, Alphabe-Thursday.  This week we are studying the letter "G" and I decided to use "G" as in GINNY dolls.  I've used this "G" word in the past for Alphabe-Thursday and I've posted pictures of my dolls on my blog at other times too.  Some of these pictures you might have seen before, but others will be new.

I grew up during the 1950's and my love affair with dolls began then.  This picture was taken on my birthday in 1951.  The dolls you see in the picture all belonged to my sister and me.
However, my favorite doll while growing up was the little 8 inch Vogue GINNY Doll.  She's the smallest doll in the doll stroller.  This picture was taken in 1954.
I still have one of my vintage GINNY Dolls from that time period and many of the Vogue Doll Company clothes made for her.  I also have some of the clothes my mother sewed one year for Christmas.

Once I discovered GINNY on eBay I acquired some friends for my childhood GINNY along with furniture and accessories.  I now enjoy setting my dolls up in scenes.  Yes, I still play with my dolls!  I love GINNY as much today as I did as a child.  I now collect vintage GINNY dolls, modern GINNY dolls, and vintage reproduction GINNY dolls and some of their friends and relatives.

I do not collect what serious collectors call mint dolls.  Rather I prefer what my friend Linda calls "previously loved" dolls.  I collect the less than perfect fixer-uppers that some little girls back in the 1950's loved.  I clean them up, fix their hair, wash their clothes, etc.  Then I play with them.

I let my imagination go wild and try to have my pictures tell a story.  I am no photographer.  I'm just a snap and shoot kind of person, but I have fun doing it.  It's a great escape and I can't help but smile when I walk in my doll room.  All the stress of the day seems to melt away.

Here are some examples of the pictures I take (click to enlarge):

 I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend!  Perhaps you'll have a family picnic...

...and Grandpa will be well enough to come...
and Grandma will supervise the grillin'...
May you all have a wonderful day!

Now head over to Ms. Jenny's blog to visit the other Alphabe-Thursday participants.


  1. Thanks for the peek in your doll room...

    Love the cowgirl with her horse!

  2. OH this was such a fun post :)

    I am a bit younger than you ( born in 1957) but we have an antique toy store not too far from me. They must make most of their money from Ebay or going to shows or something because they are rarely open but I visited there a week or two ago to go down memory lane. MIDGE, Barbie's friend that I remember was a sweet 125.00 ! It is so much fun to see dolls of any kind from long ago and your post was just that! :)

  3. cute doll and doll collection, though I'm not a big fan, I have always admired the clothes dolls get, they're always so much better than what we wear.

    hope you have a great day.

  4. Oh I want to come play dolls with you! I love my dolls too and I am going to get them into my house again! I have a couple Ginny dolls. I will dig them out of the garage and share with you. I have so many lovely dolls and put them up when we lost our home many years ago. I need to get them out. You make me smile here and I LOVE Ginny! She is adorable! I am getting my Alphabe Thursday post ready and will put it up later today! I should sell other stuff in my garage so I can make room for my dolls in my house! I am really smiling tonight! I love how you set them up and I do that with the Barbie dolls. Oh Lord, do we have Barbies! My two girls still love Barbies and they are adults, 22 and 25! LOL! My oldest daughter just buys the dolls for her mama! LOL!I have more Barbie furniture than anyone! HAHA! Love visiting you here! Enjoy the fourth of July! Love and Hugs Anne

  5. I loved looking at the sweet pictures of your dolls!!

    I hope you all have a relaxing and delicious 4th.....

  6. You are having waaaay too much fun!
    I love that you favour 'pre-loved' dolls!

  7. Wow! Love all your cute Ginny scenes! I see your Ginny is a Houston Texans fan -- we're Cowboys here but it's good that Ginny is keepin' it in TX!! I played with Ginny dolls too and remember getting one (or maybe it was a look-alike) from cereal box tops!

  8. Lovely doll scenes.

  9. Ginny dolls are so cute. I love all the different clothes they have!

  10. That is quite the collection! It's great that you have male dolls, too, to complete the family gatherings. And I LOVE all the furniture and accessories!!!

    Happy 4th!

  11. I adored my Ginny doll. I learned to sew making clothes for her.

  12. Awe how sweet. I love your dolls. In your 3rd photo - the doll on the slide - what kind of doll is she? I have one and for some reason I call her Posey. Sandie

  13. I wasn't familiar with Ginny dolls - but maybe that's because I was somewhat of a tomboy growing up. I played outdoors more with my brother than I did with dolls...

  14. I love your collection, happy weekend :)

  15. Ah Betty the school room altercation is one of my favorites. I believe you have another altercation scene at a holiday? I am not a violent person, but those scenes bring a big smile to my heart. Memories of the childhood. ;-)

  16. Ah Betty the school room altercation is one of my favorites. I believe you have another altercation scene at a holiday? I am not a violent person, but those scenes bring a big smile to my heart. Memories of the childhood. ;-)

  17. I remember the Ginny doll.
    What fun scenes you have set up! The joy you feel certainly comes through!

  18. I've seen your doll displays before and continue to enjoy them again and again. How do you display each scene? Do you have 4-sided diorama boxes? Send a photo of your entire room so that I can see how you do this. You are amazing and I thoroughly love your dolls. I have 2 of my original 50's Ginnys and 1 Jill.

  19. Pre-loved.


    I love that phrase.

    I always enjoy seeing the grand vignettes you create with your glorious Ginny friends!

    Thanks for the smile and thank you for linking.



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