Friday, July 12, 2013


It's already Friday and I'm just now getting an Alphabe-Thursday post written.  I hope Ms. Jenny will understand that the dog ate my homework and that's why this assignment is late.

The first word I thought of was HURRICANES.  Yes, HURRICANE Season began on June 1st and runs through November 1st.  Since I've lived in Texas I've only gone through two HURRICANES.  Alicia in 1983 and Ike in 2008.
In 1983 we were living northwest of downtown Houston and well inland.  Some of our neighbors lost trees, but we didn't.  We did go without electricity for a week or so which wasn't any fun.  The heat and humidity here is relentless and A/C is just as necessary to us as a furnace is to the people of Alaska.

In 2008 my husband and son stayed here for HURRICANE IKE.  They boarded up the house, brought as much as they could inside, and rode out the storm.  Meanwhile, I drove to Austin in the middle of the night with my Dad who had Alzheimer's.  We stayed in Austin for a couple of weeks and came back when the electricity came back on.

I do not plan to ever evacuate again.  I'm about 25-30 miles inland, but there's no way I'd pack up the dog and cats and hit the crowded roads.  I do think about HURRICANE Andrew from time to time.  That's the one that hit Florida in 1992 and did considerable damage.  It's scary to think about, but there really haven't been that many HURRICANES since I've lived here.  We've already loaded up on water and batteries and I'm hoping for the best.  I don't want to wish a HURRICANE on anyone else, but I sure hope one doesn't turn this way ever again!

Now I need your HELP.  Please hold me accountable.  I am the Queen of unfinished projects, but after seeing all the painted furniture on numerous blogs I decided to take the plunge.

I've done lots of research and am now totally confused.  One blog raves about Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint and another raves about CeeCee Caldwell's Chalk Paint.  I've read about how hard it is to wax the furniture after the painting is complete.  Some suggest Wipe On Poly for the finishing coat.  I didn't know such a product even existed, but I bought some at Home Depot.  What to do...what to do???

This is my mother's old sewing table.  It really needed work.
I love the bottom drawer.  It swings out and thread can be stored in there.

It also has a matching mirror.
So, I got out the sander and went to work.
I had no choice but to sand because the table had deep scratches.  I sanded a little bit more after this picture was taken.  My plan is to restain the top and paint the rest.  Meanwhile, the table sits in the garage until I reach a final decision.

I've decided not to use Chalk Paint this go around.  I'll just use some paint I have in the garage and then use the Poly stuff.  What do you think?  Good idea?  Should I paint the drawers one color and the sides and legs another color?  I've seen some pretty pieces done that way.  I don't think I'll do any distressing because I'm a perfectionist and that would be difficult for me to do.  I want a perfect, smooth finish.

I'll be forever making decisions about this piece.  HELP keep me accountable.  I need to finish and I need suggestions.  Of course, working in the hot and humid garage doesn't help motivate me any.  People that have basements are so lucky!  Please follow up and ask me in a couple of weeks if I've finished.  I need your HELP to stay on track.

I've also done some things for the HOUSE.  I made some envelope pillows for the couches.  I found the directions on this blog.  They were so simple to make and the covers come off quickly to wash. I have a dog and cats, so that was important to me.  Sophie didn't like the way I had the pillows arranged, so she redid the arrangement to her liking.
I also made the blanket to help protect the couch covers.  I found those directions on this blog.

And while getting this post ready I found pictures from Keith's birthday on my camera.  His birthday was May 31st and he drove over from Austin on June 1st.  HAPPY late Birthday Keith!

One last thing.  Calling all computer savvy people.  There is a blogger that can't post comments on my blog.  When she tries this screen pops up.
It seems to take her to Disqus which I had never heard of before.  I did google the name and found out its a comment feature that can be used on website and blogs.  However, I've never signed up for it and neither has she.  I don't believe this has ever happened to anyone else, or no one has ever contacted me anyway.  I checked my settings and they remain the same.  Only registered users can comment.  I've had it that way for probably two or more years.  I use blogger and so does she.

Does anyone know what's going on?  Can something be done?  Thanks for your help.

This post is getting a bit long, so if you're still with me please go visit Ms. Jenny's blog for a list of this week's Alphabe-Thursday participants.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Painting the sewing table: I'd go out and buy some acrylic paint at an art store, and stencils and paint something really unique. It's be fun.

  2. What exactly is she clicking on to leave a comment? If she's clicking on the normal "Post a Comment" it should be just like it is for everyone else.

    I don't even want to comment on hurricanes. Yikes... not fun.

    Belated Happy Birthday, Keith!

  3. Checked that photo of the comment issue. Ask her if she remembers signing up for a Disqus account under "things I've made". She may have and just doesn't remember.

  4. I know nothing about painting furniture but it looks like you've a good start with the table. I read somewhere that you have to have at least 2 coats to get the color to look right. not that I know anything about that.

    I have seen blogs using Disqus but I have not heard of such thing happening. I agreed with Ms. A's comment, perhaps she had signed up for Disque but forgot about it.

    hope you have a great day.

  5. Well I asked two friends and they say she signed up for something too - she needs to unsign up and if it is a google product GOOD LUCK!

    I can give you someone's blog that does all sorts of beautiful work on wood if you want to ask her.

    Happy birthday Keith!

    No Hurricanes for me.


  6. Well you have been busy with the sanding. I hope you have a power sander and not having to do it all by hand! I think it would be fun to use 3 shades of the same color. Darkest for legs. Medium for the body. And lightest for the drawers. And I know that for you that would be some color of blue.

    I know we do not want another event like Ike. A tropical storm to bring us some rain would be nice though. It looked like your side of town actually got some rain last night.

  7. Hi Betty ~~ I couldn't get to your blog on the link you left. It got me to Floriseta's profile and blog.

    But Google found this post so I came. We had Allison and Ike also. Allison dumped three feet of water into out Friendswood home again but we had moved this time to Montgomery.

    I have a YouTube Video of Ike as I saw him from the back porch. Again no damage to us out here except we were without electricity for six days.

    Best wishes on the sewing machine tableI have an old machine but the former owner gave the table away. (hint: if you tire of yours call me). It is a Western Auto Machine.

  8. Hi Betty! I have some old furniture pieces I would lvoe to redo. So you are giving me some ideas. But we need a sander. We had one and somehow along the way, I am sure we lent to someone who never returned it! :-(
    I think working with one color in various shades would be really cool on your vintage sewing table. What a delight to have!
    I have two sons and three daughters! We have a big phamily! Hee Hee!
    We get fires and flash flooding here! No hurricanes thankfully!
    I hope to come back and see what you have accomplished with your refinish! Should turn out nicely. Have a great week!
    Hugs Anne

  9. The hurricanes must be terrifying. Any strong wind here is referred to as a "hurricane"!!

  10. I have never lived a hurricane the strongest wind we had was 125 mi/h and that was already terrible and caused a lot of damages. 3 trees in front of our house fell on the street !

  11. This time it worked without problem ! comments must have been bewitched the last time !

  12. I've never been in a hurricane and I don't think I'd like it.

    We trade off haboobs and sweltering weather here to avoid tornadoes and hurricanes!

    That disqus problem is one I encounter fairly often. I have three e-mail accounts and I just use a different one on those blogs and it works fine.

    I'm not sure WHY it I don't think that's really any help!

    I finish a lot of furniture in funky styles. The main thing I know is that paint and poly don't always mix. They have to both be water or oil based or you will have a nightmare.

    I've had good luck spray painting the inside of drawers with spray paint. Just be sure to tape off all the surrounding wood areas because it is almost impossible to paint over that with latex unless you sand the area first.


    I don't think I was much help here to you today!

    How about if I just send you a hug and an A+ for your link!

    Be well!


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