Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bye for now...I think!

In a little while we're clearing out this room so they can come in tomorrow and put down the rest of our new floors.  The floors didn't get finished before Reid went into the hospital last December, so we had to wait to have them come in and finish.  Actually, Reid isn't supposed to hang around while they're working, but I don't expect too much dust this time since they only have to pull up some old carpeting in one room.

I'll be back when we can figure out how to set this thing back up again!  Wish us luck.


  1. Betty, you KNOW I wish you THE BEST OF EVERYTHING!...:)JP

  2. You'll figure out how to get it put it all back together and if not I'm sure one of your boys will know what to do! I'm glad to hear that someone is getting some serious work done around their house this summer! lol I can't seem to get a handle on my house with all of the toys and things. One day it will be clean but not tomorrow! lol

  3. Girl - you better not go anywhere - good luck on the floors - but be careful of the computer! sandie

  4. You can always 'hire' a ten year old to put it back together!


    Good luck!

  5. One thing I've learned about you..... you're very smart, savy, upbeat and positive. You'll get everything hooked up 'mooey pronto'....

    I love, love, love the sewing cabinet. I wish I had one like that! I have no suggestions on what to do with it, but I have lots of confidence that it will look great when you're finished.

    Take care and don't work toooo hard.

  6. Hi you! Don't know if your comments come through but I wanted you to know I was thinking of you!

    Hugs from Heatstroke-ville!

  7. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Hope things are going well for you Betty! You are greatly missed!


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