Saturday, January 05, 2013

Lots Going On...

Reid's white count continued to go up and took a big jump overnight on Tuesday.  The doctor said he could be discharged on Friday.  This welcomed news took us all by surprise.  Keith wasn't returning from Austin to help me out until the 9th.  I couldn't make hotel reservations until I had an actual date and I thought there would be more notice.

Just my luck the hotel across the street had no rooms available.  I think a lot of people put off traveling to MD Anderson until after the holidays and made reservations to come after the first of the year.  I really wanted to stay close to the hospital this time, but had no choice but to quickly come up with a plan B.  I was very pleased with the place we stayed at last time, but it's a little bit farther away.  I called them anyway and was able to get in for at least 30 days.  The Houston Rodeo starts the beginning of February so we might have to leave then.  I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.  The doctor had said he'd need to be close by for 60 days after transplant, but I'm kind of hoping that might change and we can go home sooner.

Reid was pleased to be getting discharged and then on Thursday had a nose bleed that wouldn't quit.  That's not unusual with low platelets and it finally had to be cauterized.  Then he continued to have shortness of breath and was seen by a pulmonary doctor to see if he'd need oxygen at discharge.  Of course, this now had the Friday discharge date a little up in the air.  However, on Friday they finally determined that he wouldn't require oxygen outside the hospital and said he could go.  We left the hospital around 6:00 PM.  He still has trouble catching his breath when he coughs, but his lungs have developed some scar tissue from all the radiation he had a few years ago. 

He now has to return to the hospital every day for blood work and infusions for at least the next two weeks.  This all takes around five hours, but he's still glad just to be out of that hospital room he called home for three weeks.  He's lost weight and is very fatigued, but is starting to eat a little now.

Troy has offered to come to Candlewood and stay with Reid from Monday through Thursday so I can have a little break.  He's able to work remotely with his laptop and take Reid over to the hospital each day.  I also think Reid will enjoy having someone else around.  Troy got sick and had to stay away from the hospital after the first week and Keith had to return to Austin on the 30th, so it's just been me lately.  I have some things I need to get done at home too. By the time I returned home from the hospital in the evenings I was kind of worn out and not much got done.  Keith is coming back on Tuesday, so I'll have even more help and will finally be getting a little rest.

I'll try and post updates as time allows.  Thank you for your support and prayers.  Betty


  1. Betty THANK YOU for posting updates.
    I think it is great news about Reid and I am so glad the boys can and will help you. You have 60 days then home sweet home. You can count on me to pray. Hugs. sandie

  2. Praise the Lord! It sounds like he is much stronger this time than the last time. I'm thrilled right along with you and Reid about him getting out of the hospital sooner. Wish you could have stayed in that hotel across the street. Did you see if they could put you on a list if a room came available sooner? You and your family have my continued prayers.


  3. Great news!

    I can't imagine being too far away from the hospital and still having to go there five hours each day. That's a pretty huge chunk. Real good to be close by.

    Hope things continue to improve!

  4. WOW that is wonderful news that he got to leave the hospital so soon!Just wonderful! I am sorry you did not get the hotel accrss the street though. I am so sorry I missed your Birthday. I guess I need to use my google calendar. I miss a LOT of bitrhdays! OK I have to go cut my ears off now as FOX 26 is playing their stupid for life theme song again. Love take care.

  5. Please take advantage of help when it's available, need your strength which apparently your son has and for that I'm glad!...:)JP

  6. I'm always praying for you and Reid, Betty! I hope all will be well this new year for you both!

    I am traveling west this week and will be without internet for awhile. I'll post next from Colorado! {{{hugs}}}

  7. Thank you for the update!

    The nosebleed sounds scary, though.

    I hope things continue on the upward trend as the New Year starts out!

    Hugs, blessings and prayers coming your way.

  8. Oh Betty you are a treasure! Take care of yourself and I know once Reid gets home he will heal and get healthy and than you can get another break! God Bless You!


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