Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Time Marches On...

Time marches on and I'm home again until Thursday.

Yesterday was Reid's birthday.  On Saturday Keith brought a cake when he arrived to stay with Reid.  It was a delicious, moist, chocolate cake from The Cake Lady Bakery.  She always has really good cakes and we all enjoyed this tasty treat.
Yesterday when Troy arrived we ordered lunch from The Olive Garden and brought it back to Candlewood.  It was a nice change from the frozen meals we zap in the microwave.  We couldn't take Reid out for lunch for his birthday, but we did the next best thing.  Why didn't I remember to take a picture???

On Friday Reid had his regular appointment and saw the stem cell doctor.  The doctor seemed really pleased with the progress Reid has made.  He told him that his brother's stem cells are reproducing and his blood work looks really good.  In fact, his platelets are back to normal which is unusual at this point.  The PET scan that was done last Tuesday showed no cancer.  So, it was good news all around.  Reid can move home on February 15th as long as there are no changes in his condition.  We are all ready for him to move home and have things sort of back to normal again!

Reid has been playing lots of games with his brothers.  It helps pass the time.

I know the room looks full.  It's going to take us a while to pack everything up when it's time to move back home.

This end of the counter holds some of the medical supplies.  We've got more stashed in the closet.  We'll be glad when it's time to pack this all away...for good!
Doesn't everyone have an IV bag on the kitchen counter?
I try and take lots of pictures of Ashley...Reid's cat.  Reid wonders if he'll remember him.  I think he will.  He might be a little skittish at first since he was feral and usually dives under the couch when someone comes in the door.  Once he realizes who it is he'll be OK.
I was hoping to have the attic duct work replaced while Reid was gone.  Jim and I made temporary repairs to one spot a couple of years ago.  Then we decided to wait until we had the house leveled before replacing the duct work so nothing would be out of kilter.  I checked with Reid's doctor and was told we shouldn't have the work done for at least six months since it will put molds in the air.  So, that will have to be put off again for a while.  I still need to have the rest of the new floors put down when we move back home.  They weren't able to finish before Reid went into the hospital.  There's just so much that needs to be done around here now.  I've been thinking about moving, but just haven't gotten past the thinking stage.  Too much going on at once!

Thanks again for your warm thoughts and prayers.


  1. Oh Betty - such good news that Reid is ahead of schedule. He is coming home on my daughter's birthday!

    All those medicines - oh my.

    Happy birthday Reid - his cat will remember him.

    And on the house things - that is frustrating - but try to take one day at a time.

    I am so thankful - two more weeks!

    You guys did good.


  2. Happy (Belated) Birthday, Reid!

  3. Praise the Lord! That is fantastic news Betty! I was going to send you an email because I was getting worried. This is just wonderful! Praise the Lord! No more cancer!

    Happy Birthday to Reid! What a wonderful present for him to hear that the PET scan showed no cancer!

  4. Oh Betty I have missed you so much! I was constantly coming over when you were on your break!

    I never forget to pray for Reid and your entire phamily! I am so happy he will be coming home!

    That kittie will never forget his best friend. Cats have such incredible minds.

    I am so happy you are here and I wish you much love and happiness!

    Hugs Anne

  5. Happy birthday to Reid - sorry to be late! x

  6. I'm so slow in reading and responding to blogs, but please don't think I'm not thinking and praying for you and your family.

    I'm hoping Reid is getting close to home. I know this has been a long journey for you all.


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