Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Update

Today is my birthday so Keith took me to breakfast at the Rotary House Hotel which is across the street from MD Anderson.  In fact, the hotel is owned by MD Anderson and managed by Marriott.  They have a breakfast buffet and I probably won't eat much the rest of the day. 

Reid seemed a little better today.  When we arrived he had already eaten some oatmeal which was an improvement.  For days he's eaten nothing but applesauce and pears!  He just hasn't had an appetite and has lost ten pounds in the last two weeks.

Today his white count went up a little and hopefully that's a trend we'll continue to see.  He sure would love to make that January 10th discharge date.

After we arrived he needed oxygen again for shortness of breath.  The doctors don't seem overly concerned and he had a CT scan yesterday which didn't show anything of concern.  It seems as if I have to do all the worrying around here.  :)

I better sign off now.  I told Reid I'd go get him a coke downstairs.  He's playing a game with Keith and the nurse is giving him Benadryl before a platelet transfusion.  He needs some caffeine to stay awake.


  1. Sounds like it's all going fairly well.


  3. Betty Happy birthday to you - happy birthday to you - happy birthday dear Betty, happy birthday to you! sandie

  4. Happy Birthday Betty!

    That is all good news to hear today! Praise the Lord for good reports like this! I'm still praying!


  5. Happy Birthday Capricorn". Today is my sister's birthday too and I just celebrated mine on the 28th!...:)JP

  6. Such good news for a Birthday Gift!

    Happy Birthday dear lady!

    I'm sending a hug and a (badly sung) song your way!

  7. So sorry I missed your birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    I think of you and Reid each day and keep you all in my prayers..... I hope it's been a good week and will continue getting better every day!!!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! What a nice birthday gift, a son starting to heal and comer through this difficult journey he has been on. Love to all of you!


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