Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quick Update

I'm having trouble connecting to the hospital's Wi-Fi.  Yesterday I tried on and off all day.  Today I finally went down to the first floor and tried a couple of different spots and was finally able to connect.  Then I came back up to the 18th floor and stayed connected, so I guess the trick is just to connect somewhere and then you're on to stay.  Just not convenient.

Reid is very tired, but still no awful mouth and throat sores.  The nausea has been kept under control so far, so that's good news too.  He's having cookies and applesauce for breakfast.  He needs something in his stomach so he can take some meds.  The hospital doesn't have meals at scheduled
times.  Instead they have room service and patients order off a menu and call in their order.  Really a good idea since it's more important for cancer patients to eat what they want when they feel like eating.  The food is delivered by someone dressed like a waiter and usually gets here pretty quickly.

Today is day -1.  Tomorrow Reid receives Keith's stem cells and that is considered day 0.  Then the following days are day +1, +2, etc.

Last night it took me an hour and twenty minutes to get home.  I think traffic is heavier because of Christmas.  I need to leave about ten minutes earlier today because it's getting dark so early and I have no business driving at night with my depth perception problems.  I wish I could stay longer.  If only it was summer with the longer days.

Keith will be coming back for Christmas week and I'm looking forward to having him here.  Today Troy is at the house waiting for the plumber and handyman.  Thank goodness because that makes it possible for me to be here as long as possible.

It got cold overnight.  Must have been quite a storm, but I slept right through it.  They said on the news this morning that some people lost power.  I should have turned off the A/C before I left, but forgot.  I might need the heat tonight.

We won't be at the hotel until Reid is discharged, so I'll be driving both ways until then.  We're required to stay near the hospital's ER for a while after discharge.  I think how long is how quickly his counts go up and if there's no problem with Host vs Graft Disease.  I hope it won't be too long because of the animals at home.  Keith will be coming to stay at the house for a while which will be a big help.  I talked to a lady a couple of days ago who told me that they went home when her husband was discharged and let them think they were staying nearby at a hotel.  They don't check and take your word for it. but I just wouldn't take a chance.

Thanks again for your prayers.


  1. Day zero tomorrow and his new life begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to look at that as exciting. Well there are going to be some big prayers being sent up from me this next week!

  2. Be extra cautious driving in this wind and try to avoid all the maniacs on the road.

  3. I'm not sure if I could drive that long every day like that. Can you stay at the hospital with him? I might would do that if you are really tired or if it gets dark faster than expected like if a storm comes on fast. Praise the Lord he is doing better this time so far! I can't believe you have the ac on this time of year. It's getting pretty cold here and I've had the furnace and gs log fireplace on for well over a month now. We are going to get a little snow tomorrow. I would be happy about it but I have to take Jarod to the surgeon to have 2 teeth removed. One is impacted.


  4. Hey. Sounds like things are going pretty smooth now. I will be thinking of you today and am sending my best wishes. Tell Reid he is a trooper!

  5. It sounds like things are going pretty well. Thank gooodness for Keith and Troy.

  6. Hey. Gosh. Hang in. Give Keith my regards, okay? All of us Chicks are praying for him (and the rest of you, too!)

  7. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers!!!!
    Be careful on the roads......sorry you have to do all this traveling during the busiest time of the year.
    Hugs and prayers!


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