Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Welcome Fall

The last couple of days have been wonderful! Very low humidity and the temperatures have dropped into the 80's and low 90's. Granted, we still have to run the A/C, but the low humidity is a real treat.

I had already decided that I'd put up some fall decorations in early September. After the 100+ temperatures I wanted to pretend it was fall. On Saturday I ran to Michael's and bought what I needed to make a new wreath. The silk leaves have a tendency to act like blotters and absorb moisture from the air. In no time they mildew, but I still use them for a while. Real leaves aren't perfect, so I figure the black spots are OK for a couple of  years.  It was now time for a new wreath and some new leaves.

Here we have our artificial fall foliage, artificial pumpkins, artificial gourds, etc. I've given up on the real stuff...it rots too quickly. And our leaves don't turn pretty colors. They just dry up and fall off over the winter. They need cooler temperatures to trigger the pretty colors. So, we use pretty make believe leaves.

I know it will get hot again, but for now I'm enjoying what we've got.  I just wish we'd get some desperately needed rain to put out all the Texas wild fires.  It's really getting bad.


  1. Betty, I want to thank you so much for your visit. I also want to tell you how very cute your fall wreath is. I am so excited for cooler weather. We are at 103 degrees today.
    Although we don't know what tomorrow will bring for mom, this is the perfect start. My mom lives about 5 minutes away and is 84. Both mom's get along very well and so there is a lot to do and enjoy together.
    I am happy your father found his place and his lady friend. :)
    We should all try and enjoy life to the best that we can, you just never know. I appreciate your comments very much, please don't be a stranger, Char

  2. Run with it, girl! It's starting to be brisky Autumn weather somewhere!

  3. That is a cute wreath and makes me anxious for Fall. We all are praying for Texas and so many areas that are in need. Take care Betty.

  4. I'm a little late - but I think that wreath is GORGEOUS! I love the colors of fall - this season is my favorite. I am praying for rain and cooler temps to continue Betty. sandie/♥

  5. That's a very pretty wreath. I hope the fires stay far away.

  6. I like your wreath and I'm ready to put up my fall/Halloween decorations too. In Phoenix I doubt we'll see temps in the 80's or low 90's anytime soon. Therefore, my theory is if I put up my decor now perhaps the weather will cool off sooner in anticipation of Fall. I can only hope that will really happen!

  7. That's a beautiful wreath you made Betty! I wish I could hang a beautiful wreath on my front door but the birds just won't leave them alone! They think that they should build a nest in them! lol

    It has finally cooled down here in WV but I'm not sure for how long it will stay that way.


  8. Hope you get some rain. We had some cooler weather and it is going to be cooler at night but the days are heating up again for awhile. Go away, hot weather!

  9. Your silk leaves get mildew on them? Oh my gooooooooooooodness! Maybe you should buy those old time plastic leaves LOL


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