Monday, September 05, 2011

Flag Of Honor for 9/11

Have you seen these flags? We got our 9/11 flag at Lowe's. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but then I read that a portion of the proceeds will go to The Voices of 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero, the Flag of Honor Fund, and the Wounded Warriors Project. This is just a quick scan of the folded flag.

It's an American flag with the names of everyone who perished as a result of 9/11 as the stripes on the flag. We also purchased the yellow banner that says Honor & Remember. I'll fly it on the 10th anniversary this year and then every year afterwards.

With the 10th anniversary approaching I'm finding myself a little down in the dumps. It makes it all seem as if it just happened again. I'm flipping channels and seeing some of those awful images again. I'll never forget, but I think this flag and banner will help make me feel like I'm doing something to honor and remember the people we lost that day when I fly it each year.

I do have a problem with companies and individuals profiting from this tragedy and I realize the flag company will be making some money. It is an American company however. Anyway, I have mixed emotions. How do you all feel?


  1. I feel there is no wrong way to remember those who fell on 9-11 and those who continue to fall protecting us from another one. I'm glad it was also made by an American company. They sure are hard to find nowadays.

  2. I do love the "idea" of remembering those who lost their lives. Where do the proceeds go? To the surviving families?...:)JP

  3. It still hurts my heart to think there are such evil people who do such things. We will never forget 9/ll or the heros that lost their lives--they were all heros.

  4. I've not seen this. It does seem especially poignant this year to me, too. Such a horrible time.

  5. I'm not american so don't fel qualified to comment on whether it's right that companies wilol make money from sale of the flag. I do think it's a touching way to remember those who lost their lives, though. My thoughts will be with all Americans on the anniversary.

  6. I didn't know about this special flag, Betsy but I think it is a nice way to honor all those who lost their lives almost 10 years ago. I also like that an American company made the flag, and that some of the profits go to special foundations. I have had glimpses of the Ground Zero museum--it does not officially open till next year, but I have seen artifacts that will be in it and I am glad that the museum will help everyone remember that we can never take out freedom for granted ever again!

  7. Well I for one think it's an amazing flag.

    I just read the story in people magazine that had 10 children from 911 who had never met their dads. So sad.

    I don't ever want to forget this day.

    I'll be flying flags too.


  8. WOW, Betty, I didn't even know a flag like that existed! I like that banner too. I'll never forget 9/11, and the TV coverage of the initial planes hitting the trade center will forever be etched in my mind. I was still teaching school at the time, and our principal told us that we couldn't put our classroom televisions on unless the children were out of the room. Needless to say, during lunch or our prep time we rushed to our rooms to see what was happening in NYC. It was a very somber day at school and everywhere.


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