Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's been happening around here...

I finally decided to change my E-mail addresses from AOL to gmail.  Tonight I tried to sign into my blogger dashboard and couldn't.  I kept trying with my DayDreamnWorld gmail address and couldn't get in.  Finally I typed in DayDreamnWorld at the AOL address and it worked.  Now I'll have to go back and change that too before we give up AOL.  I have comments coming to the gmail address, so I thought I was all set.  Guess I was wrong.

This past weekend I looked outside and there were the cats with the armadillo that lives under our deck.  Atticus was following him around and Jem was poised on the roof watching the action below.  It was one of those morning where everything was wet and it hadn't even rained.  I guess that's one of the reasons why this is called a semi-tropical climate.  Anyway, the A/C was running and keeping us nice and cool inside the house.  I grabbed my camera and ran outside to get a picture.  So many cute Kodak moments as the armadillo ran around and Atticus followed him.  I was snapping away and this is what I got.

All of my pictures looked like this one.  I know from past experience to wipe off the lens and keep shooting, but this time the moisture was even behind the lens.  It comes from going quickly from the cool house out into the warm, humid air. 

Keith has been here since Saturday and will leave tomorrow to go back to Austin.  He originally planned this trip thinking Reid would be in the hospital for the stem cell transplant, but it worked out because Reid is feeling a little bit better and we were all able to go out to eat on Saturday.  Troy joined us too for some Italian food at Birraporetti's here in town.  There's also a Birraporetti's in Houston down in the Theatre District and I guess that's why they have all the posters from various shows on the walls here.  Below are Troy, Keith and Reid trying to decide what to have for lunch.

And waiting...

And then I told Jim to take a picture of me since I'm usually the photographer and rarely appear in pictures with the rest of the family.

I never got a picture of Jim and Troy was cut out of this one.  One of these days I'll figure out a way to get a picture of all of us together.

This week Reid has appointments down at MD Anderson on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  If all goes well he'll start the three days of injections he needs prior to chemo to help prevent mouth sores on Saturday and then will probably be admitted sometime on Monday.  We'll find out for sure in the next few days.  His cold and the shingles are pretty much gone, so things are looking good right now. 

I had to change the motel reservations for when he's discharged and we have to live down in the Medical Center.  The place I originally booked can't extend the days because of the NCAA Final Four in Houston April 2-4.  Other places were booked too, but I finally found one that had room.  I actually kept the first reservation too because I think I like that place better and she put us on the waiting list for the extra days.   We're the first name on her list and will get the room if there's a cancellation.  I just have to make sure I remember to cancel one of them nearer the time before I get charged for two places.

My Netbook arrived last week and I'm having fun fooling with it.  It's one of the reasons I decided to go with gmail.  I don't care for reading E-mail from AOL's home page and I wasn't about to put AOL's program on the Netbook.  Although I'm not crazy about the keyboard (it's supposed to be 95% the size of a standard keyboard) it's a trade off for the smaller size and lighter weight than a laptop.  I got the Asus EeePC 1015 from Amazon.  If you're interested you can see it here.  I read a bunch of reviews and ended up getting this one because of  the positive things people said and the longer battery life.  A lot of people suggested upgrading the RAM, but so far it's working OK for me, so I decided to wait and see how it goes.  I even found a YouTube video where a guy shows you how to install it.  It sure looked simple enough, so I might eventually give it a try.  Now I'll have a way to keep in touch while we're away from home.


  1. I'm getting jealous of your semi-tropical climate, it just snowed about 8" here yesterday.
    Kudos on the new Netbook.
    It was nice that you all got out to eat. Hope it was yummy.

  2. Hooray for small blesings! Hope you're liking your netbook! I love mine!

    And this is the first picture I've seen of you in a long while. You're looking good girl.

  3. Nice to see a picture of you, Betty; you all are looking good, including Atticus who has such pretty coloring.

  4. Yea, it's good to see a picture of you...... such a good looking family.

    Wow, you had your hands full raising all those boys.

    Remembering you all in my prayers....

  5. I am like you, always the photographer. I hope that all is well with you. This month has flown by! Thanks for sharing your story about Mr. King, I am so glad that he helped you to discover how smart you are! We need more teachers like him.

  6. I am having trouble getting past the words "semi tropical and a/c" as we freeze in minus temps...lol
    The picture of you is great, you are looking wonderful! I figured out how to put mine and Loretta's camera's on the timer a couple of weeks ago so we could both be in the picture...see if your camera has an icon that looks kind of like a clock face and play with that setting and it might not be too difficult! My son has a net book...when my computer died I used it until the new hard drive came in...they take a bit of getting used to but it doesn't take too long! I hope things continue to go well so Reid can have his transplant..fingers crossed and a bunch of prayers for a great outcome!


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