Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Even Busier Days Ahead

Reid saw the stem cell doctor yesterday and as things now stand he'll be admitted to the hospital on February 13th for the stem cell transplant.  Meanwhile, he has a bunch of tests scheduled between now and then.

Tomorrow he has another bone marrow aspiration.  On the 4th is the Stem Cell Pre-Amission class and on the 7th there are labs, an echocardiogram and a pulmonary function test.  On the 8th he'll have the PET scans again and a visit with the Social Worker.  On the 9th he has an appointment for HT/WT storage consent  (I'm not sure what this is because we thought he had already signed something before they harvested the stem cells), another visit with the stem cell doctor, and a clinic visit with the research coordinator.  On the 11th he goes in for an injection and we were told he would have those for three days.  That brings us to the 13th when he's admitted for three weeks. 

We were told to start looking for a place to live down near the Medical Center for when he's released.  I've got a list to work off of and they said to get something lined up soon.  Even if he was released from the hospital early we should be able to change the dates.  Places down near the Medical Center are used to being flexible I guess.

I called today to get a hair cut.  I thought I'd better do it now before things get any busier.  And they're saying we might even get snow later this week.  Of course, that excites us because it's a rare occurrence in these parts.  The temperature has been dropping since early this morning and I heard a little while ago that it might even get down in the 20's in Galveston!  I dragged some of my tropical plants into the garage and covered the others with sheets.  I hope I don't lose any.  It's never gotten that cold in the 20 years we've lived here.  We'll let the water drip tonight so we hopefully we won't have frozen pipes in the morning.  Homes here are not insulated the way they are up north.

I can't believe all the snow I'm seeing on the news.  Such pretty scenes, but that's easy for me to say since I don't live there.  I'd just love to grab my sleigh one more time and go down a hill before I'm too old.

Circa 1954

Some years back on a Ginny Doll list we set our dolls up in scenes reminiscent of past events in our lives.  Here's one of my dolls looking like me back in 1954.

Stay warm everyone!


  1. That is a good picture that somebody took of you, Betty! I wish I had some pictures of us ice skating and sledding at Fullersburg. Can't believe the schedule pre-transplant. Isn't it amazing to hear about the upcoming blizzard? I hate to miss it.

  2. Hey Betty - I love those cat eye glasses! I wore them in junior high! Cave porn - lol- so true and yes the movie with Daryl Hannah was sooo bad. We still laugh about the sign - fist in hand and then finger lock. Good luck to you and Reid and your family - you're lucky to live near MD Anderson - it's the best. Can't even imagine all you're going through. Oh gosh and Houston traffic. Be safe.
    It's going to be 17 in Austin tonight so let's all bundle up and stay warm! xoxo Nancy

  3. Wow, what a schedule..... and yes... this weather is something else... we live in Seguin ... 3 hours from you.... and I'm worried about pipes and plants.... but "hey...people are more important".
    praying for you all!

  4. Wow Betty! That is one busy schedule! May the Lord give all of you the strength and energy that you need to do all of those appointments.

    Yes, I would let the water drip tonight! If you have a dishwasher what I like to do is start a load of dishes on the pot and pan load around 11 pm. That helps to keep water flowing and heated pipes and all.

    We are just getting the rain end of the storm.


  5. I love the sledding pic!
    Isn't this strange weather? It's 42 and raining in Pennsylvania.

  6. I definitely had the cat eye glasses.

    Thanks for the update on Reid.

  7. I love the picture of you and your doll on the sleigh! Adorable!

    Hope you days will be filled with sunshine again soon!


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