Saturday, September 18, 2010

World Alzheimer's Day

World Alzheimer's Day is coming up on September 21, 2010.  I received the following message from the Alzheimer's Association and signed the petition.  Can I ask for your help too?

My Dad who was a brilliant man with a wonderful personality is now under Hospice care for this horrible disease.  The disease has progressed rapidly in the last few weeks and my Dad no longer knows me or speaks.  Most of the time he forgets to swallow which makes it difficult for him to receive adequate liquids and nourishment.  Remembering to swallow is one of the last things to go.  Alzheimer's is a very cruel disease.

I'm afraid a cure or decent treatment is still a long ways off, but perhaps by signing this petition we can help others in the future.

Subject Line: It's Time for a Breakthrough
Dear friends,
Alzheimer's disease steals the future from millions of Americans. It robs spouses of their companions and children of their parents and grandparents; it erodes the health and financial resources of caregivers.
I just signed a petition calling on Congress to make Alzheimer's disease a national priority. Will you add your voice?
Your signature will be delivered to Congress on September 21, 2010 World Alzheimer's Day.
Together, we can make Alzheimer's a national priority.

Thank you!

Better days...May 2005.  Dad enjoying lunch on a dock in Galveston, TX.

Dad with Reid, Troy, Keith and "Shelby" in our backyard.


  1. Betty, this disease is truly devastating. Robs the person of everything they are, while leaving their body there. So sad. Hugs to you as you continue to care for the father you love.

  2. Thanks for bringing up such and important subject and sharing your story about your dad. I signed the petition that you linked to.

    My grandfather also suffers from Alzheimer's and it's just heartbreaking to see him the way that he is now. This one great man who has done so many incredible things in his life and had seen so many thing happen has been reduced to someone who thinks he's living with a bunch of strangers. My grandfather no longer remembers any of us. Not even my grandmother who has been married to him for more than 50 years now. He is so confused about his situation that he always has to be with a family member or we'd he'd wander off on his own without a clue.

    You are very right...Alzheimer's is a very cruel disease and it is a horrible way to live the rest of your life. I just hope that they can come up with a cure one day...

  3. Hi, Betty, just signed. What a cruel disease that hits so many of us.

  4. I worked with Alzheimer patients for many years in long term care as a restorative technician, and later as recreation therapist, and I truly loved them the very best of all of the patients that were under my care. It is horrible for the family to go through, but knowing their family member was loved and treated with respect during those difficult years was of great comfort to them. And, I did truly love them.


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