Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I've always loved Franco-American Spaghetti.  When I was pregnant the first time there were only two things I could eat...when I was able to eat at all.  One was the Shoney Big Boy Sandwich and the other was Franco-American Spaghetti.

I guess it was four or five years ago that I noticed the name Franco-American disappeared.  However, the same products now had the Campbell's name on the label.  That was OK until my spaghetti disappeared from the shelves of Kroger and HEB.  They were still selling the Spaghetti-O's, but they're quite different from the spaghetti.  There's a completely different flavor.  I just assumed the spaghetti had been discontinued by Campbell's.  I was so wrong!

I never grocery shop at Walmart, but needed a grocery item while I was there.  I was strolling up and down the aisles and to my surprise stumbled upon my old Franco-American Spaghetti now known as Campbell's Spaghetti.  It had not been discontinued.  I bought a bunch of cans and have been in Franco-American Spaghetti heaven ever since.

It's so easy to make.  Just follow this recipe.  Open the can and heat until it bubbles.  Enjoy.


  1. Betty, every Sat night, my Mom would heat up canned spaghetti for us, and add chopped up weiners. We adored this meal! I can't eat it now as it gives me indigestion, but I'm happy you enjoy it!

  2. I tried to get my kids to eat some spaghettios one day when I didn't want to cook, but they didn't like them. Maybe I should try the spaghetti.

  3. Canned Spaghetti! I can just see every mama and grandma in Italy crying right now! ;-) But seriously, I do understand picky eaters... my children had their moments as well. Thankfully, for my Italian husband's sanity, the kids always liked our home cooked pasta and sauce.

  4. That DEFINITELY is an EASY PEASY RECIPE!!! LOL! Love it!

  5. Those Shoney Big Boys were sooooo good back then. We used to go the drive-in and get burger baskets all the time because my parents knew the owner, whoever he was. The food was fantastic then.


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