Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Thank you Ms. Jenny.  This week's assignment is any color, black, or rainbow colors.  That makes it so much easier for me.  I didn't think I'd have time to participate in Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday Rainbow Summer School this week, but I found I already had some pictures I could use.  The pictures are from years past and I guess that's kind of cheating, but at least I'm here!  To see more Rainbow Summer School posts head over to Jenny's blog...Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."

I'm thinking orange again because it's such a nice Fall color and I'm so ready for Fall.  Here are the kids enjoying Halloween in past years.

This was one of our Halloween parties...


We always enjoy carving our pumpkin each year...

A day at the Pumpkin Patch...

(I's a little early.)


  1. Love all the color in your post!Such lovely images!

    Happy Rainbow Summer School,


    btw My quick Rainbow link is here

  2. Great pictures of the kids enjoying Halloween. I love you went with fall.

  3. Oh, orange and Halloween...if only it would cool off. The highs are getting higher and higher here.

  4. The kids are back! I love these little guys to pieces. So glad you could put it together to link on up.

  5. Oh my goodness Betty those are adorable! I am so glad I decided to start reading tonight. You are my first hit and I am smiling from ear to ear

  6. I love the bright cheerful pictures! Great fall/orange post.

  7. I love the Peanuts collection! Now that my boys are getting a little older, I'm so looking forward to the It's a Great Big Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

  8. The kids definitely know how to party for Halloween! Seeing those caramel apples makes me hungry for one right about now :)

  9. I don't think it's ever too early for Halloween colors! Lovely end to summer Rainbow Thursday!

  10. Such cute photos, and you've definitely got me in the mood for Fall AND Halloween!


  11. Everyone looks like they are up to some fall activity. Love the photos.

  12. O My! Neat set up Betty! Would love some fall weather here in HOT FLA:)

  13. I did miss your gorgeous doll vignettes ... it's a pleasure to see them again!

  14. Your pictures have really cheered me up.

  15. I am baking pumpkin gingerbread and this post was just perfect!

    It's hard to feel like autumn when it's 110 degrees, but by golly, I'm working hard at it!

    And your adorable link helped a lot!

    Thanks for linking.



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